If BioShock Was A Film, It Might Be A Little Like This

Despite being on a tight budget, The Brothers Rapture is a well-made BioShock fan-film which takes a look at two men who who relocate to Rapture in search of a clean slate. And, naturally, the brothers end up grappling with the moral quandary of using plasmids along the way.

Good stuff by TheBrothersRapture, though the ending left me wanting more. All that build-up just leaves me wondering what happens next!

The Brothers Rapture - BioShock Short Film [TheBrothersRapture]


    In a world of craptastic movies based on video game licenses, people like this should be given the $80+ million budgets to make them. If they can do this on a $1500 budget, then for the cost of a full Hollywood film.....

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