If Nintendo Did Ever Make A Phone, Maybe It'd Look Like This

Now, I don't think Nintendo will make a smartphone, nor do I think Nintendo should ever make a smartphone. But this concept video is too cool not to share.

Created by the folks at T3, this video shows what a Nintendo Phone (WiiPhone?) could look like. And... it looks kind of awesome. I kind of want one. Or at least MiiVerse functionality on my real phone.


    The problem with this is that primary school kids can't afford smart phones...

      I work in Telstra and the amount of kids aged 7 - 13 that have smartphones and or the latest iPhone, Galaxy etc is quite ridiculous. Parent throw money at their children these days.

      Primary school kids?? Ahh you must be riding on the "I'm a 'hardcore" gamer so I dislike Nintendo by default" band-wagon.

      If that's the case, that's too bad. There's a lot of fun to be had on Nintendo's systems. Though it may require some to leave their overgrown ego at the door. We wouldn't wanna bruise it by playing non-"big kid" games now would we?

      -.- yer i don't think that will be a problem i seem 5 year old's with iphones and ipads where in the generation of kids that get anything they want.

    At first I thought it was stupid till I saw them slap a control pad on there!


    So they think it should have both a Tegra (system on a chip containing an ARM CPU and Nvidia GPU) and a Snapdragon (system on a chip containing an ARM CPU and Qualcomm GPU).

    That's an interesting combination.

    And as per the wii, you can't transfer any bought apps or games to a newer model. hohoho

      You know you can do that right?

    To be honest: It looks shit.

    Theres a reason why I choose to game on the go with my 3DS rather than a smartphone: actual controller AND independent batteries.

    Touch screen gamepads are CRAP, they're unreliable, they're clunky, they get in the way of the screen. No way Nintendo would ever sell the controller as an afterthought.

    Also I can't use my phone as both my gaming device and ... phone, the device wouldn't have enough battery life to last me the day to do both.

    The biggest issue I saw was that "start" and "select" were labelled incorrectly. + is start, - is select.

    I think that says a lot about me.

    1) why does it look like a Galaxy?
    2) why would the game pad be sold separately?

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