If Superdae Is Arrested Today, He Will Reveal The Secrets He Has Collected About Xbox One

If Superdae Is Arrested Today, He Will Reveal The Secrets He Has Collected About Xbox One

Superdae wants to play a game. If he’s arrested today and unable to reach his computer by a specific time today, his twitter account will tweet details to his secure FTP server that contains every secret file he’s collected over the years.

You may remember Superdae as the man who tried to sell two Xbox ‘Durango’ development kits on e-bay. He’s also the man whose house was busted into and raided by the Federal Police.

He’s remained in contact with Gizmodo Editor Luke Hopewell and has given him the details. Head here for more info.


  • This is going to be good. Not for him personally, obviously, but from a general entertainment angle, sure.

    • It’s still months away from release and the Xbox One has given us so much entertainment already.

  • Errr.. thanks for the link to the actual article posted 2 hrs ago…
    But back to the tool at hand :
    Let me get this straight, so Henry just needs to be detained long enough to give proof of his illegal activities? Not so Super today Henry?

    • The question being, how much do Microsoft care? If they care enough about what “might” be said, they drop all charges, case goes away.
      As to the proving ones guilt, true enough this will likely be how it is perceived but I find it difficult to think that someone who has thought far enough ahead to affect a deadmans switch and is tech savvy enough to acquire the info in the first place, wouldn’t have a contingency in the event of a closed twitter account et al.

  • So……. what would be the legal ramifications for anyone accessing the information on his server?

    I mean, private documents are no longer private when they are made public [weird sentence :s], but this all just seems a little too sketchy to me.

    I think I’ll just enjoy this one from the sidelines. The files will filter down to Kotaku/Gizmodo eventually.

  • Am I missing something or does using a third party controlled account to post this data have a huge hole in that Twitter can be asked to deactivate the account? I’m sure he has seeded the data elsewhere, but it strikes me as a bit of a rookie mistake to use an easily intercepted method of distributing data.

    Then again, it comes down to whether the court can be convinced to compel Twitter to comply, and whether it’s a big enough deal to bother with the effort

    • I am assuming he has a plan up his sleeve. He can’t be a complete retard, he did manage to get hold of these files.

  • Hes gonna be classified as a cyber terrorist either way. But other than that a great play and there is most likely to be more. I am curious to see how this will turn out.

  • I hate to be an armchair lawyer (but I will anyway – not knowing anything about the law) but think of it this way:

    Just disregard for a moment whatever your personal feelings are about Microsoft or ‘big evil corporations’ and disregard whether they deserved it etc. and consider that the guy committed a crime (technically theft). Microsoft are the victims of a crime. He is now threatening the victim of a felony, and law enforcement agencies, that if they attempt to enforce the law against him he will ‘hurt’ the victim even more.

    Now just consider if this same situation was played out on a smaller scale against an individual victim of a theft.

    “I stole your wallet, and if you call the cops, I’ll send all your bank account and credit card details to my friends in Nigeria!”

    Superdae is really playing with fire now. In Dungeons and Dragons terms – Superdae has an INT score of 17, and WIS of 3.

  • It’s….. a bit stupid to threaten the authorities with this. It’s called blackmail, and whether or not you think this guy is in the right or the wrong, openly blackmailing the police when they have power over you and could put you in jail is a very, very silly thing to do.

    It doesn’t matter if you think this guy’s the best or the worst – a stupid move is a stupid move. And he has just pulled a very stupid move. If he goes to court, this will be used against him.

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