If Video Games Were Drugs, DDR Would Be Ecstacy

What if video games were drugs? Then we'd all be screwed. Dorkly seems to have the answer for the closest parallels of what games would be which drugs — and they're effin' hilarious.

Check it out.



World of Warcraft


Dance Dance Revolution

Temple Run


Videogames Are Drugs [Dorkly]

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    Wait a sec. Depending on which slang you go with, isn't crack the same thing as meth? Or alternatively cocaine the same thing as crack? Regardless it seems there's some sort of repeat in this list :P

      Yeah, this.
      Also - where's heroin?

      I always thought that crack was freebase cocaine.

      Crack cocaine is cocaine combined with another substance, usually sodium bicarbonate, which gives it that rocky look.

      In essence, yes, it is cocaine, but crack cocaine is usually smoked, as it can't be dissolved in water to inject (you vinegar or something to reverse the bicarb reaction), and you're going to need the nostrils of a hippo to snort it. So it's really the delivery method that's different, explaining why they are both described as expensive, but cocaine also has the licking the powder off your fingers, but crack is impolite to do in social situations (because we all hate smokers).

      In the states crack usually means crack cocaine. I think it's crystallised cocaine, and is manufactured similarly to ice (meth) into a smoke able form.

      Crack is free base cocaine (cocaine minus a proton), different to cocaine and different to methamphetamine.

      Cocaine and crack are the same in general...cocaine is the powder form (pure)...crack cocaine is one that is cooked up (usually with bi-carb and water)...I would have used Dead Space 2 for Meth

      I'm scared about how much you all know about drugs... I thought they were bad

    how is Halflife 'absolutely terrifying'?
    hmm overall I give it a 3/10. Preeeeetty lame

      Heh yeah. I thought it was an amazing game back in the day, but I wouldn't describe it as terrifying? Although the giant spidery headcrabs in HL2 were pretty terrifying :P

    I'd have compared World of Warcraft to heroin. (Except instead of your body being gaunt and wan, it's your social life.)

    Surprised Alcohol didn't get a mention. I'm thinking Civilization or some other 4X. You go into it thinking you'll just have a few turns, next thing you know it's 3am and you're still plugging away and you only stop if someone kicks you out, leaving you bleary-eyed and feeling like shit at work the next day.

      Alcohol is definitely Mario Party.

      It's not good to play alone, and when you play it at a party, by the end of the night you all hate each other.

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