Imagine If This Is How Microsoft Revealed Its New Xbox Tomorrow

Microsoft is holding a conference tomorrow for its big reveal: the next Xbox. That means there is one day left for the internet to have fun with rumours, jokes and parodies.

Machinima, not one to miss out, took advantage of the last remaining day before the new Xbox becomes a real-life thing and our jokes will inevitably start to focus on what facts we're given.

The best way to explain what's going on in between the DRM, cartridge and software cracks is probably what one of the current top comments on the YouTube page says: "did Tim and Eric buy Machinima or something??" Indeed, my friend.


    What time will the reveal be for us in Australia, 1am tomorrow?

      Depends where you are...
      Adelaide it's at 0230.
      Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane it's 0300.

        What this guy said. I'm liveblogging if you all fancy staying up for it.

          If "staying up for it" means laying in bed asleep, i'm in!

      Might be able to work it out from this

      I think I got an email telling me 3am EST

      I won't be getting up for it, I'll just read a handy summary in the morning.

      There is an event application on Xbox Live that you can download and stream the event live if you want to. It's pretty hard to miss since it takes up virtually all the screen on the Xbox Live home page. It's a small download, only a few MBs and has an aesthetically pleasing font for the countdown timer.

      Anyone here from Adelaide? At 2:25am we should walk outside our door and screem WOOT and we'll see if we can hear each other.

        At that time I'll be both looking for a stable feed, and trading hype gifs with Serrels & Raygunbrown

      3am 22 may

    i would actually watch the even if it was like that

    It'll certainly be interesting to finally know where the battle lines have been drawn for the first round of the next gen war.

    Every time theres one of these things i intend to get up to it and i always fail

    So Kotaku's now putting videos from Machinima (specifically Inside Gaming)?

    If I'm awake at the time of streaming ill watch it, but I probably won't go out of my way to watch it as I fear it will be like the PS4 announcement, a lotta people walking and talking and not really all that much else, the game previews would be nice but.

    Wow, that video above was retarded. I expected funny, not stupid. Bleh Lame shit.
    DVRing the unveiling later today on Spike. Eat me commercials! xD

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