Imagine Mega Man Stole A Portal Gun And The Whole Thing Was Built Out Of LEGO

Okay, just roll with me here: imagine Mega Man, for some reason, stole Chell's portal gun, and then somehow managed to use this portal gun to transport himself into different universes. Okay, got that image? Alright, now imagine the whole scenario was just an expanded LEGO set. I know. Crazy, right?

But that's precisely what Raphael Phillips has created with his latest LEGO Mega Man series. It's a gorgeous mish mash and I love it.

Raphael Phillips is a character modeller — you can follow him on twitter here — and he does a lot of cool stuff. You can check out the full Mega Man portfolio here.

Brilliant stuff.


    are those the fez letters too?

    it has FEZ code too

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