In Pacific Rim The Robots Use Cargo Ships As Baseball Bats

We don't make it my business to post each and every movie trailer released, but Pacific Rim is one of those rare exceptions. Also — it's hard not to get excited about a movie that features a robot using a cargo ship as a baseball bat against a monster the size of a skyscraper. Just saying.

Yes, Pacific Rim looks as dumb as a truly massive bag of bricks, but there's no way this movie can't be fun. It's Guillermo del Toro! It's robots. It's giant monsters.

Explosions. HERP DERP. I need this movie!


    I don't think it looks dumb personally? It doesn't exactly reek of Michael Bay to me...

      Same feel here. I mean until I see the movie I'm not exactly gonna exclaim that it looks too deep either, but I'll reserve my opinion on how dumb the plot seems until after watching it.

      Although I probably won't be too bothered if it just ends up being a good popcorn flick :P

        I don't think it looks like a 'Devils Backbone' or a 'Pans Labyrinth' either, but I don't get a Transformers vibe from it lol.

        @markserrels have you seen the trailer for this AWESOME sequel to it thats oddly been made before this ones even come out? ;)

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    I think in anyone else's hands it would probably be shit, but the director is a smart guy with some seriously good ideas.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some reviews.

    Title is wrong right? Says Rift instead of Rim

    My question is, why isn't there a video game tie-in of this? It's giant robots hitting stuff with boats. You can't fuck that up.

      Hopefully we'll get one a while after the movie, so maybe it will be as awesome as it should be rather than being rushed out to tie in with the movie release.

    Am I going to be the only downer here that is going to indicate that the backbone of the cargo ship wouldnt be able to handle it being picked up like that? It would bend and snap like a waterlogged breadstick.

    baesball bats, maybe, but in the other video the dude was getting training from some sort of samurai.. so maybe the ship is more like a staff... or a sword...

    Have been holding this in since the first time I saw that in the trailer - now there's a whole article on it, my spleen must be vented ...

    It wouldn't work.
    Such large ships are surprisngly fragile - remember all those times one will hit a reef and wave action tears it apart in a few days? They're not built to support their own weight from one end, in air.

    The sheer mass may have an effective result but given the critters apparent invulnerability to most impacts, it'd be like hitting a pitbull with a tube made of alfoil.

    There, i said it.
    Feel so much better, now.

    Carry on.

    I'm surprised this is not coming out on July 4 a la Independence Day

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