It Took Them 19 Years To Add Fishing To The Elder Scrolls

Morrowind even had actual fishing poles. No way to use them, though. Luckily, it appears we'll finally have actual fishing in The Elder Scrolls Online (wading into the water and hitting the use key over fish in Skyrim doesn't count).

Also, crafting and loot and stuff. TES Online is landing sometime this year.


    I hope they have buck hunting and a rodeo and a circus. Yee haw. *shoots pistols into the air*

    Well GTA started 16 years ago and still no fishing there either. San Andreas had fishing poles.

    Mods for Oblivion and Skyrim exist that allow you to go fishing. Has Zenimax said anything about mod support for TESO?

      It's an MMO. Why would there be mods?

        I was thinking for stuff like User Interface, LOD, texture packs - things that don't affect other players but could still be improved for an individual. I don't play MMOs so I don't know if this kind of thing is possible.

          It probably is, although I haven't seen too many large-scale moddable MMOs.

          Textures and LOD won't be moddable. They can both be exploited to give players an unfair advantage. Hopefully the UI will be moddable though.

    I prefer to catch my fish with my bare hands. Fishing poles are for milk drinkers.

    Lol at that douche tasting the mixture. Mmmm, needs just a pinch of mudcrab.

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