It's A Clock! A Radio! An Alarm! The New Xbox Is All In One

Kotaku reader erocker414 writes, "I took a couple of liberties to make it look more like my beloved radio/alarm clock. Now I don't dislike it as much."

Wood panelling isn't new to clock radios — or video game consoles, for that matter. And it does make everything better. Everything.


    This should be real, it looks a lot nicer than the normal one... But it's still not enough to make me want one.

    how does an alarm clock help you to watch tv and sports?

      (commence crotchety old voice) Errr back in "my" day, we didn't watch no fancy moving picture tubes, we listened to all our news and sports on the wireless, kids these days.

    I know this is meant to be a (really lame) joke - but i REALLY like the look of that. I would love a woodgrain finish on a modern console.

    +1 for those that think this looks remarkably better than what they revealed.

    That wood grain kills!

    If I ever come across an Xbox 1 for free, I will mod it like this.

    And here all I wanted was a simple games console. What was I thinking?

    easily done with some woodprint stick on vinyl/contact. might make it overheat though since this thing is all vents...even the solid spaces

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