It’s A Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun. In A Bathroom.

It’s A Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun. In A Bathroom.

Last December, Kotaku reader Michelle decided to take a swing at building her own replica gravity gun from Half-Life 2. It’s done now, and it looks fantastic.

It looks like it was a lot of hard work, from remodelling the gun’s 3D wireframe to laser-cutting to a lot of painting and fiddly construction, but the results are totally worth it.

You can see a progress build of the gun, as well as more final shots — showing how it lights up — below.

Gravity Gun (Half-Life 2) [Overworld Designs]


  • That image seems unlikely.

    I mean, with all the extra tech and features in the HEV Suit, surely it would have tech to allow Gordon Freeman to just pee in the suit, meaning he would never need to use a public restroom and leave the gravity gun lying around like that. Otherwise all Dr Breen would have had to do to steal the gravity gun was wait in a public bathroom for Freeman to show up and- wait that sounds a bit suss.

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