It's Like Left 4 Dead, Only In...The Ukraine

Literally years in the making, Dniepr is a custom campaign for Left 4 Dead that yanks the game out of its American setting and drops it right in the middle of the Ukraine. Including Pripyat, which as STALKER players will know, is the place a certain nuclear reactor blew sky high a few decades back.

Above is a very nice trailer for the project, which is actually going to be playable, because it's out on May 20. That's soon.

DNIEPR [Official Site, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    As opposed to figurative years.

    Because something taking years to make is such a crazy concept?

      oh boo, Literally has been redefined by nearly every dictionary to also mean "actually, without any inaccuracy or exaggeration"

      It's time to move on man. Let it go.

    Ukraine, not "the Ukraine."

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