It's Not A Video Game Bar. It's A Video Game Restaurant.

The idea of video game-themed bars is nothing new, but there's something about the idea of this video game-themed restaurant that I can get behind.

EXP Restaurant + Bar is in Vancouver, Canada, and while it might be going a little overboard with the whole VIDEO GAMES THEME - giant screens showing gameplay is a bit much - I love the menus. Love them. Multiplayer? Wonderful.

Zelda burgers with a triforce grilled into the pattie is also a nice touch.

EXP, A Video Game Themed Bar & Restaurant (Plus Menu) [Geekologie]

EXP [Site]


    ... The idea of a video game bar is nothing new?? I would literally kill my family to be able to go out and still be able to play LoL while getting a beer sent to me and chicken wings..

    You've been warned, mum..

      I think you missed the keyword of this article...


        ... IRREGARDLESS SIR *gloveslaps your face*

        Last edited 16/05/13 7:53 pm

    Too... much... awesome...

    It's settled. I'm moving to Canada. Mana Bar is not enough!

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