It's Red Dead Vs Metal Gear In This Insane Video Game Shootout


    At least get the ammo in the bandolier right if you're gonna do a video thats obviously taking the piss out of Ocelot. Not even a competition, Ocelot would but a bullet between that pansys eyes before he even realised he brought the ammo for a modern bolt gun instead of his 30-30...

      Personally I was laughing at him smoking tailormade cigarettes...

      It's a disintegrating belt of 7.62 for a machine gun. Very silly prop.

      Why stop at the wrong ammo? Why not bring up the fake hair/moustache, horse trailer, car trailer with the wheels covered by plywood, corrogated iron sheds, the soldiers with AKs (after all, this is Marsden vs Ocelot, not a private army from another 'universe'), old steel mufflers, steel wheels, etc

      Or you could just enjoy it for what it is

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