It’s Superman Vs He-Man In This New Comics Crossover

It’s Superman Vs He-Man In This New Comics Crossover

I have to admit that — of all the “who’d win” nerd arguments over the strength of pop-cultural metahumans — the Man of Steel vs The Hero of Eternia is one I never really thought about. Superman and He-Man? Science vs magic is always a good clash, but so much about the characters’ respective universes was just so different.

Could it work? Who knows? Besides, they’d never meet anyway, right? Well, the two strongmen are going to clash later this year. Consider the mind of my 12-year-old self blown.

Clark Kent and Prince Adam will be facing off in DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe, a miniseries written by Stephen Totilo’s favourite comics writer Keith Giffen and drawn by Dexter Soy, with covers by Ed Benes. DC Comics has been running MotU comics for the last few months and this new project picks up where that storyline leaves off, with Skeletor coming to Earth after getting his blue butt kicked yet again. Buzzfeed has some teasers about what might happen in the book. What matchups do you want do see?


  • This happened once before. in the end Superman teamed up with He-Man and kicked Skeletor around if i remember correctly (DC Presents Issue 47)

  • I really don’t like the artwork for He-Man. Always prefer artists that make He-Man look like a barbarian rather than a primitive Iron-Man… not judging the comic series mind you, just the art style for the He-Man character. I’m a HUGE He-man fan from wayback mind you, just not a fan of that art style. Also don’t really dig Teelas ‘armour’… they seem to have done a top job on Stratos, Roboto and Man At Arms though from what I can tell?

  • Looks like they kinda neutered He-Man. He’s hardly recognisable as the homoerotic beefcake from my childhood.

  • MOTU/He-Man needs this in the way that fish need racing bikes….

    DC dismal desecration once again

    Definitely not to be taken seriously.

    • You’re talking about a franchise that’s barely seen the light of day for the last 25 years. I think they’d might be inclined to take whatever they can get at this point.

      • Well – maybe (ten years since the MVC/MYP series and comics – which were ace) But, as you said yourself above – this isn’t really He-Man, is it? Not in look, manner, setting – anything…

        DC just pimping things to try and stave off their creditors. Not good for MOTU, imho. There has to be a better way than this lameness.

  • Considering Superman is completely vulnerable to Magic, He-Man wins right?

    I’m assuming they meet, talk and kick the crap out of Skeletor and Lex Luthor. Not really a MOTU fan but I think it would make as awesome fighting game.

  • Yes indeedy; worse – and that’s saying something. Iron-Man Cosplay He-Man about sums it up.

    These DC comics redfine how not to do it – dire, misguided rubbish I wouldn’t inflict on my worst enemies.

    I read #2 in the ongoing series. VERY badly-written junk – and the artwork is pretty poor, too. I doubt that the series will run to term; God help MOTU if it does – the damage will be past fixing.

    Fortunately, dismal sales may settle that.

    Why can’t DC do it well? Is it really THAT hard to find a decent writer – or does it all have to be subject to Toyguru’s whim? if so, no wonder it’s crap – the guy’s ego is so far ahead of his IQ that it’s embarrassing.

    Just like DC’s adolescent atempts at MOTU.

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