Japan Makes A Female Robot To Smell Bad Breath

And it's actually from a research group called "Crazy Labo". Geddit? Crazy.

Given the female name "Kaori", which can also mean "smell" or "fragrance" in Japanese, the robot is able to discern if your breath stinks or not, reports Asahi News.

Breathe into the female robot's face, and if your breath is OK, she'll say. "A somewhat tart, good smell — no problem." If it's not so good, she says things like, "Your breath is kind of stinky" or "This is bad; Unbearable".

And when your breath is truly awful, Kaori will say, "Declaring a state of emergency; This crosses the permitted limit".

Crazy Labo also developed a robot dog that's able to tell if your feet stink. Have a look in the above video.

As noted previously, there's a small subset of Japanese researchers who... seem to be interested in creating humorous, or just odd, robots and devices. For example, there was a robot butt that could be spanked and a coat able to hug lonely people.

Remember, this kind of stuff is hardly typical research in Japan! Crazy Labo explicitly states it hopes to create fun products that make people laugh. This isn't serious, m'kay? But it is, as this lab acknowledges, crazy.

におい判定ロボット犬、足臭いと「気絶」 高専など開発 [Asahi via 気まま]


    Surely... surely this could've just been some kind of hand-held, pocket-sized device? I guess you're just not properly motivated to do something about it unless you're being humiliated by an attractive robot.

    Another sentences I never thought I'd type. What a wonderful future we live in.

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