JJ Abrams Talks Portal And Half-Life's Movie Adaptations

When JJ Abrams came to Australia for the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere, Gizmodo Editor Luke Hopewell caught up with him to talk about all manner of nerdy things. Luke asked about the long rumoured Half-Life and Portal movie adaptations and Abrams provided a pretty cool insight into both the inner workings of Valve as a creative company, and where the movies are at as a project.

I found it really interesting that JJ Abrams was able to find parallels between Valve's approach with story and Abrams' own approach — the fact that both attempt to find the emotional core of a story before proceeding. Obviously games have that whole design thing going on in the background, whilst cinema has to deal with a number of other obstacles, but it's interesting that Abrams believes they both essentially begin at the same place.

I also like the way Abrams is talking about the project — words like 'organic', for example. This bodes well.

Check out the whole interview at Gizmodo Australia.


    Should be in good hands.

      Maybe, but if JJ was a friend of mine, every time I called him on the phone or met him in person, I'd start and end every conversation with, "Hey. Don't fuck up Portal." "Seeya dude! Don't fuck up Portal!"

      Last edited 09/05/13 7:43 pm

    I read "organic" as meaning he wants to change it completely and write it off as a natural process.

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