Just Cause Devs Nearly Made A Star Wars Game

Ah, what could have been. In the wake of EA and Disney's blockbuster deal to make new Star Wars games, the developers of the Just Cause series have come out and said that, a few years back, they came very close to making a game for former owners Lucasarts.

A former Avalanche manager (Oskar Burman) and the studio's current Chief Creative Officer Christofer Sundberg jumped on Twitter yesterday to talk about the project that never was.

Given how fantastic Just Cause 2 was, you would indeed have rocked it. Oh Lucasarts.

Twitter [via Joystiq]


    Well. Anyone can talk big, but considering that Rico Rodriguez was basically an unkillable Sith Lord anyway, it's not much of a stretch to imagine a giant open-world Just Cause 3 skinned with Star Wars stuff. Planet-hopping = new maps, rebels claiming Imperial outposts, fighting stormtroopers everywhere, hijacking TIE fighters or just force-smashing them into stuff... No need for the grappling hook, that's just the force.

    OK. I got excited for no reason now. I wonder how easy Just Cause 2 is to mod...

    How can you have an "open world" Star Wars game, based on a series thats been made popular by spanning multiple worlds, not to mention space. Can't see it working unless its on such a massive scale that it'd be overwhelming.

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