Katie Couric Gets Schooled On The Benefits Of Violent Video Games

Yesterday, we ran a piece exposing the scare tactics media like to use when discussing video games and violence. Flashy edits, buzzwords, complete ignorance, that sort of thing. Today Katie Couric, the host of the particular segment we analysed, reached out to her Twitter followers to ask for the "positive side" of violent games.

When I noticed her tweet, I went to look at the replies. Some were decent! Others... not so much. I decided it had to do with her particular brand of audience. She wasn't getting the full scope of the gamer audience, and that wouldn't be fair. So I retweeted her on Kotaku's official Twitter account. And boy, you guys did not disappoint.

But first let's look at the disappointing replies:

I'm happy to say these... misguided responses were few and far between after Kotaku's community (and gamers in general) got there. Good job, guys! Here are some insightful, supporting comments:

It warms my heart to see so many people rally against the inexcusable ignorance in the media's coverage of video games. This will continue to be a thing if we don't speak up, so good on all of you who did.

And, of course, there were some jokes, snarky replies and, er, maybe some questionable ones too!

Lastly, let's all remember to bring this up when people try to make a correlation between violent games and real-life violence. Because I'm honestly sick of people thinking they can ignore the facts we do have.


    meh, people were violent before video games. Pretty much shreds any sort of argument those people make.

      Playing Devil's advocate for a moment, that argument doesn't necessarily mean that video games are more likely to cause violent behaviour.

      As an example:
      Meh, people have been murdering and stealing before gangs.

    "nothing ok about violent games. I would Love to see what they write as a positive. Idiots! My friend died because of a gamer"

    *Does a one man tactical face palm.*

    Truth be told, this is finger pointing is getting rediculously old. In fact there is nothing new here.

    I once saw these exact same unfounded arguements when I was a kid back in the 1990s. And what was the target then? Power Rangers.

    All that has happened is those spinning this illusion of violent behavoir and media realised no-one was paying attention anymore about the link between violence and TV and decided to look for a new scape goat. That is why it is now on video games.

    $5 says that in 20 years time (assuming it is invented and commercialised by then), these same people would be blaming holographic technology because everyone is tired of the video game excuse.

    At the end of the day this old rule of common sense stands true: "It is not the media or the instrument, it is the individual".

      I once saw these exact same unfounded arguements when I was a kid back in the 1990s. And what was the target then? Power Rangers.

      Now THAT is crazy. Power Rangers teaches kids an important life lesson: Your enemy will become giant every single time you defeat them, so be ready for that.

        Pearls of wisdom that have served me well in life, I'll tell you.

          Just last week that bitch Natasha pulled it on me at the water cooler.

          Last edited 07/05/13 12:55 pm

    My friend died because of a gamer.

      No, your friend died because of an individual who happened to play games.

        By extension, it means a person killed their friend, so we should hate all people. Works for me really. Well, except for people who make games. I like games so I like people who make games. I also like people who play games because I like games and therefore I probably like the people that work in the shops that sell games and oh my glob, it's an infinite cycle of positivity borne from a cycle of negativity! Help, before it consumes us all!!

      My friend died because of a drunk driver.

      OMG ban cars and alcohol.

        I don't mean to be rude, but wasn't that very idea tried already in the past?

    When a country bans Kinder Surprises, but makes guns for kids - "My First Rifle" http://goo.gl/A4B87 - there's far more concerning fundamental problems with the society.
    By the way, you have one of the "unfavourable" responses listed twice.

    See I have a huge hatred for this whole debate. Reason being is that it shouldn't exist. American media for years has always played the blame game when they're reporting on real issues. Reason being is 2-fold, 1. when they're supposed to actually be doing research on a report, they are given too short a timeframe to do it in and so they shift it onto something they blame without any backing evidence, and 2. Since 9/11, scare tactic reporting was what made American audiences stay glued to the news, creating more viewership and thus making more revenue through advertising, so they've reporting like this for years.

    Now it is truly devastating when somebody is murdered, let alone a mass shooting. And what makes matters worse is the people that head up all these right wing conservative parties that actually have power. These men and women have no ounce of critical thinking in there brains. It will take a long time until all these people are phased out of power through retirement.

    What needs to happen for the American people is an unbiased research paper into violence, and all the key contributions to it, on a global scale. They need to take into consideration what the crime was (shooting, stabbing, rape etc), what tools were used (knife, gun), how often these occurred and what area of that particular country, whether the criminal was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and finally gun laws and the state of mental health support in that country. This way they'll have a legitimate look at every country and see how fucked up the state of own one is. It's a long long look at how shit will get done, it'll be costly, but in the end they'll have there research and proof.

    Notice I didn't mention video games, it's because no other country looks at video games as the cause except for America.

    Do I think this will happen? nope, it's just my wishful thinking.

    How many people can you shoot with a controller?

      I can shoot at lots of people with a controller.
      In fact, sometimes I sit there holding my xbox controller, aiming it at people and yelling 'pew, pew'.
      Nobody has died yet though, so clearly I'm doing something wrong with my videogames.

    Video games are the new 80's metal and dungeons and dragons.

    I wonder if these puritanical types have read the bible they profess to love so much. The first half is nothing but God being a dick on a massive scale.

    Games are just the current generational scapegoat
    In my great grandfathers time, it was certain books
    In my grandfathers time it was rock n roll music
    In my fathers time it was violent TV and movies
    In my time it has been heavy metal music (80's) and now games

    Imagine what could be achieved if the actual cause was investigated and not just pinned on the current flavour of the scape goat month

    Paging the ghost of Bill Hicks. We need you!

    Nobody ever takes into consideration that the USA's mental health care is woeful, but whatever, IT'S THE VIDA GAMESSES.

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