Kinect 2 Full Video Walkthrough: The Xbox Sees You Like Never Before


The new Kinect is kind of awesome. Just by the numbers, it’s a huge upgrade. You can (most of) the full walkthrough we saw just a bit ago here at Microsoft’s Redmond campus in the video above. Parts are jaw-dropping.

Right from the start, you can see the improved depth sensor. It’s three times as sensitive, and can pick out bits as small as your T-shirt wrinkling or adjusting on your chest. The 60-degree-larger field of view helps here as well (up to six people can be on screen at once), and it has a deeper field of (accurate view too).

And oh man, the IR sensing. It’s seeing in a pitch black room! That is, like, totally absurd. And it should be cool for using the Kinect at night or for horror games where you don’t want to play in a well-lit room. Or just, you know, watching any movie ever.

The new 1080p cameras are a wide field of view, which we saw in greater detail during the Skype demo with four chat partners, and looks great, but no one’s too concerned about that.

The truly impressive stuff though comes from the brains of the Kinect. Its improved skeleton mapping is crazy accurate, and can track your individual hand motions and shoulder shrugs. The muscle tracker is also borderline ridiculous. It can tell what parts of your body have pressure on them. It knows where you’re putting your weight as you lean side to side, and how much power goes into each motion, by tracking speed. It knows if you lob a slow fake punch, and it knows if you slice a fast uppercut through the air, and shows you with popping white circles around your fists or feet or head.


    • This is what kinect should be and it makes me excited for its potential, then i remember the anti used games always on DRM which angers me greatly on principle alone.

  • What if the Kinect recognizes more than 1 person watching a movie and/or playing a game. Do those other people or person need to get a license?

    • There has been some patent applications for this I believe.
      I wouldn’t be too surprised if that was right around the corner.

      It’s cool for automatically loading a players profile or something like that but the possibilities for DRM are scary. Will it mean a friend can’t play a game at your place unless he logs in to his own XBox Live and owns that game?

  • That’s actually pretty cool. I hope PC gets the same hardware and software. Don’t see why it wouldn’t.
    The latency doesn’t look too bad but remains to be seen if it’s good enough for a VR application.
    Realistically it’s just a higher res camera with an IR mode. All the magic happens on the software side of things.
    The muscle stuff is just a gimmick. It can’t tell if you’re holding something (other than the controller) and it can’t tell the stress in your arms. It’s just guessing based on your position. Still interesting.
    The heartbeat stuff has been done heaps before and honestly didn’t look too reliable.

  • This is clearly great technology for consuming entertainment (at least in the US), but I still haven’t seen a single compelling game that relies on Kinect that I would want to play (my wife does enjoy Dance Central, but that’s besides the point). They need to be able to integrate other objects into the feed, so that an umbrella can become a lightsaber, or a toy gun could become a real gun in-game. Otherwise it’s just a nice party trick that you can show off from time to time. The reveal this morning left me feeling kind of empty, although not surprised considering they’ve been going in this direction for years now. Sucks that we won’t be able to use much of the new system in Australia at launch, and even when it is compatible, we’ll need an xbox live subscription and a foxtel subscription to get anything out of it. Suddenly my Wii U is not looking so lame. When they roll out the big guns at E3, Nintendo will be back in a big way. Also, my respect for Sony has done a complete 180 since the PS4 (sort of) reveal. Your opinion about the Xbox One will vary depending on whether you like to read Kotaku and IGN or the Verge and Engadget.

  • Hey wow that heart rate monitor looks pretty interesting, I wonder how it…hey…hey you., um, excuse me? Do you mind Mr Camera Guy, I can’t see. HEY JERK GET OUT OF MY WAY I WAS WATCHING THAT! Ah fuck this I’m moving.

    Hey cool this facial recognition stuff is actually pretty impres- wait who’s that 3rd person being registered…camera guy? GET OUT OF THE WAY CAMERA GUY YOU”RE FUCKING UP THE ENTIRE PRESENTATION.

    …what a jerk.

    • Wont work with mine unless they have a 10 meter cable for it. All my AV gear is in a cabinet, in the wall at the back of the room.

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