Kotaku Wins Best Gaming Coverage At Australian IT Journalism Awards

Kotaku Wins Best Gaming Coverage At Australian IT Journalism Awards

For the third-straight year, Kotaku has taken out Best Gaming Coverage honours at the annual IT Journalism awards. The gala ceremony was held last Friday evening in Sydney.

Kotaku’s editor, Mark Serrels, was recognised with a highly commended award for Best Gaming Journalist and nominated for Best Columnist. Also in the running were Kotaku’s weekend editor Logan Booker (nominated for Best Technical Journalist) and night editor Elly Hart (nominated for Best Reviewer).

Kotaku was also nominated for Best Website overall; an award picked-up by sister-site Gizmodo. Meanwhile, Lifehacker won Best Personal Technology Coverage.

As publisher, I’d like to thank @serrels for his sarcastic wit and those awesome mega features. Everyone knows the ones I mean. Huge props also to Logan and Elly, you guys rock. Plus: a huge thank you to the Kotaku readers, especially the TAYbies. We love youse all.

Allure Media is thrilled that we continue to be recognised as the country’s most outstanding technology publisher. Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker appreciate your support.


  • Big congrats to Mark, and also Logan and Elly, who all do great individual work.

    I’m less enthused about the award for the brand in general; Kotaku needs to do a lot more work to clean up its fact-checking, link-baiting and barely-attributed republishing of other people’s stories before it deserves any accolades. The worst and laziest professional gaming journalism I see on the web in any given week is always flying under the Kotaku masthead, and while none of it has Mark, Logan or Elly’s by-line, it nevertheless calls for a severe round of wrist-slapping.

  • Congratulations, you’ve definitely earned it.
    The Aus articles are always the best things on this site.

  • Congrats guys. Mark, is there an english translation of what you said floating around online somewhere? 😉 And congrats to the TAYbies for the mention.. awesome work team.

    • Many ‘OOCHS’ a few ‘NAYS!’ and quite a few ‘WEE LADDIES!’ were mentioned no doubt…fill in the rest with your random scottish soundboard.

      • Can’t tell from that photo if he was wearing a kilt or not…

        I will assume he was.

  • Congrats guys. Now lets just remove the rubbish US articles and we can take over the world!!!

    • Your first mistake is using the word Article alongside US there… ‘shit’ is more appropriate 🙂

  • Hold on – isn’t that a US IT Journalism Award with a better interface and some of the spelling localised?

  • Congratulations on the awards. Kotaku AU articles are why I keep coming back.

  • I don’t think Danny Allen actually loves me. I think he’s just saying it *sob*


  • hmmm no ‘Best flame bait author’ for Patricia? *ducks*

    congrats dudes, just remember to keep it real, yo

  • Im very glad you won that award, Kotaku. But Im not impressed by your performance! And I look forward to fight you, in the near future.

  • Congrats. No surprises there.

    Out of curiosity, though, what are the other Australian gaming news sites? Are there any? Or is it just that one guy working in the tech section at news.com.au who occasionally wants an excuse to have a day off and says he’ll spend it reviewing a game that’s been out for three months?

    • It’s not just websites. We’re up against all the local magazines and shows like Good Game.

      • That’s both impressive and disappointing. (I was hoping to get some good recommendations.) 😉

  • Congratulations Mark, Logan and Elly! In terms of Australian videogame coverage, this site is my first stop. Gizmodo has some pretty interesting tech news, and Lifehacker….damn the level of in depth technical information available there is scary at times 😛

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