KOTOR Is Coming To The iPad

Classic Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic is out on the iPad this week. Expect more coverage from us later today.


    WOW! Now that is amazing. KOTOR is one of the greatest RPG's ever, and a port done right would be awesome. Wonder if they'll do the same for KOTOR 2?

      I hope not as Kotor 2 needs mods and I doubt the ipad version will support them.

      couldent have said it better than myself. it was the first rpg i ever played

    So frustrating. I want this on a handheld, preferably Vita.

    I don't own an iPad! D:

    FML I only have the first version of the Ipad.......ah well. I'll just run with my PC version for as long as I can :)

      This is almost worth buying an iPad2 for.

      I am also a victim of Apple's planned obsolescence. lol my old iPhone 3GS having iOS6 but not my iPad 1 :(

    The greatest game of all time....dammit If I wasn't moving in 2 weeks I'd be updating my technology.

    Man, this is one of my most favourite games ever. I must have had at least 3 different play throughs for this game alone. The story, the characters, the rpg gameplay, and the plot twist that makes bioshock and schamalala-guy crap themselves. This game is a true bioware game, with the character side quests - like jade empire, like the mass effect trilogy. Also, Bastila is hot.

    what are you talking about? it came out 2 days ago, ive been playing it.

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