Krieg The Psycho Hacks, Slashes, And Burns His Way Into Borderlands 2

Hold on to to your hacksaws, folks; the most psychotic vault hunter yet has landed on Pandora.

Krieg, the rampage-tastic psycho berserker is now available in the form of a separate character DLC for Gearbox's shooter-RPG. He's not included in the Season Pass, but by the looks of it, there's enough exciting new content in there to justify grabbing him. Krieg, like Gaige before him, comes with a brand new skill tree, and his action skill emphasises melee, actually rewarding the player for getting shot.

The Psycho Pack for Borderlands 2 is out now on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 at a price of 9.99$. You can read our impressions of Krieg here.

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    I'm just going to wait for the GOTY edition with all of the DLC before I pick up BL2

      Well if you're happy to wait atleast a year after a game is released for the GOTY edition then thats great but I prefer to just buy it and play it when it comes out, otherwise you're living for gaming life out of sync.

    $15 on Australian PSN.
    I just can't bring myself to spend that much on character DLC when I can buy an entire new game for that on PSN.

    Not being included in the season pass makes me rage a little, much like the Creature Dome did when it wasn't included.

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