League Of Legends Doesn’t Need Much Story, So Fans Get To Create Their Own

League Of Legends Doesn’t Need Much Story, So Fans Get To Create Their Own

There are few games that require a “lore” so little as League of Legends. Pick your guy/gal/thing, ,get ’em in a lane, click a lot, give/receive abuse, game over. It’s a series as dependent on narrative as a game of poker.

Yet the fantasy setting, and the game’s rabid following, nevertheless inspires attempts to give the universe a little more meaning. Like Rachel Cory’s comic here about the hero Diana, giving life to the character’s backstory.

As simple as League of Legends is, it could probably do with more of this sort of stuff!

Diana [Rachel Cory]


  • Hate to break it to you Luke, but League actually has quite a bit of Lore. Sure not as much as some other games like Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons, but it still has enough there. It’s also ever expanding as can be seen with the latest patches.

  • There’s actually a fairly decent amount of lore to league. Each character has a backstory, many have histories with one another, different characters belong to different nations which use the league as a proxy for war while some are just there for fame/glory/bloodlust/giggles/fun. Recently they’ve started throwing in more story with the whole ‘war in Freljord’ update which basically describes a three-way power-struggle between the three major tribes from the frozen north of the world League takes place in. One’s peaceful and diplomatic, one’s pretty much the Mongol horde and the other worships the Old Ones. Combine that with the supplementary material posted by Riot in the forums and League is far from lacking in lore.

  • yeah this is just a small origin novel of how she became the scorn of the moon not that isnt alot of lore. But people love this fan fiction stuff so more of it 😀

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