LEGO Avengers Assemble To Face Their Greatest... Oh, It's Just Galactus

You know, the Devourer of Worlds loses a lot of his menace when you can take him out with Rocket Raccoon, Jill Valentine and Chun-Li. His once-menacing silhouette appears towards the end of this CG teaser trailer for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, coming later this year to all platforms that would have it.

I remember reading back issues of The Fantastic Four as a kid, and Galactus' arrival was one of those moments that had fans worried that Reed, Sue, Johnny and Sir Rockface might just fall short of saving the world this time around. Since then Galactus has been cheapened by multiple appearances in comics, cartoons and of course, video games, so when I see his pronged helmet popping up my only thought is "I wonder if their going to manage to fit all of him on the screen this time."

Oh, and the preorder bonuses are in! Wal-Mart has an exclusive Iron Patriot mini-fig, GameStop gets a Spider-Man keychain that all the CSRs will take before you get one, and Amazon offers $10 towards another game, furthering the endless cycle of $10 discounts.

Oh, and nice nod to the current Avengers book there, Mr Stark. Cute.


    At last... my lego DC can finally fight the lego Marvel... WHO WILL REIGN SUPREME...

    who cares...

    My 9 year old son sure will!

    More lego figures to buy it seems :\

    Needs more Deadpool

      Everything needs more Deadpool.

      Except Xmen Origins Wolverine.

      Deadpool should've avoided that movie like the plague.

        No, it needed Deadpool. It had Wade Wilson so why not Deadpool?

          Whatever that character in Wolverine was that Ryan Reynolds played... it was NOT Deadpool... it tried to be... but it was not :(

    Oh yeah why are these lego games the only ones that let you play as everyone im getting it for sure

    Last edited 01/05/13 6:25 pm

    Lego Trevor maybe? I hope not.

    Looking forward to this. I'm still not used to them talking though, it just doesn't feel right.

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