Looks Like EA Is Making A New Online Game Called Dawngate

Looks Like EA Is Making A New Online Game Called Dawngate

Ahh, the video game industry, where people come up with names by smashing random words together. Today’s entry: Dawngate.

It looks like EA didn’t mean to announce Dawngate just yet, as they haven’t, well, announced it, but Kotaku columnist Superannuation discovered that the Dawngate website is up and running nonetheless. Dawngate is a MOBA — that is to say, an online battling game like Dota or League of Legends — “built from the ground up to look and feel familiar while offering a whole new way to experience MOBA gameplay.”

Remember, you’re not really cool unless you have your very own MOBA. We’ve pinged EA to ask a bit more about the accidentally-announced Dawngate, and we’ll let you know if we hear back.


  • I could see a MOBA that uses characters from games EA has published being popular, but not one that just uses generic fantasy/D&D style characters like it looks like this one will. Unless they’re going to make major changes to the way MOBAs work, which I doubt they will, then I just can’t see this going too well when you’ve already got LoL and Dota 2 out there.

  • Frankly its the obsession with medieval fantasy that is keeping me away from MOBAs. I love MNC but my computer is not manful enough to handle unreal engine so I can’t play the MOBA-like sequel

    • Not missing anything don’t worry, Super Monday night combat rarely has more that 4 people online. It is a shame really..

      • Had they released a sequel on XBOX they would’ve fared alright I think, the problem with some Free to Play games is when you factor in the cost of upgrading your PC they’re suddenly really expensive.

  • Another example of EA putting out a game because “that shit’s IN right now”. Jesus EA at least go for a different Aesthetic, a sci-fi MOBA could be cool.
    This is gonna be The Old Republic of MOBAs isnt it? it’ll do a couple things different but it’s core will be so generic it hurts.

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