Looks Like There Will Be A Juggalo In GTA V. What Did You See?

I snapped this from the new Trevor trailer for Grand Theft Auto. I spy a Rockstar Games version of a Juggalo. You know Juggalos? The devotees of the Insane Clown Posse?

This can only lead to amazing things. Juggalos, you see, are fascinating.

I also spotted this game controller in the Michael trailer. Now, look, there are many, many cool things in the world of Grand Theft Auto, but that controller ain't one of them.

The trailers premiered earlier today. Catch up with them here if you haven't seen them yet. And go ahead and share your findings. What caught your eye?


    ICP related content? no sale.


    WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      rwally nigga its juggalo and whoop whooop u fuking dumbfuck

        my bad I guess I was just to excited

        so Mr.Juggalo, just so you know I have been down since 99 and been to the gathering so I'm not a total Dumbfuck am I retard

    - Liberty Rock Radio poster on the gamers wall
    - Franklin's homies wearing green, possibly Grove St Families (CJ from GTA:SA's gang)
    - Shady Shores could be related to Shady Creek in GTA:SA (was just forest tho)
    - Trevor says "back in town baby yea!" to Michael, meaning they probably grew up together. Their extreme class difference will probably be relevant.
    - Trevor also says "I'm new in town, I'm making friends alright" to Michael and Franklin. Sounds like he might be a trouble-maker for them both when in Vinewood.

    Also, all three characters are struggling with their place in life, Michael and Franklin are actively fighting against it, Trevor is inwardly denying it (thus the loose cannon actions he makes).

    And they don't die till they get there shit!!! :P http://youtu.be/RizIaO5qjgM


    What I saw was no gameplay, just cut scenes. I want to see more gameplay.

    Just give me the fun and big maps of VC and SA combined with the updated graphics of 4. All i want.

      SA is still my favourite of the series. Huge map, tons to do. If 5 doesn't at least match that I'm going to be very disappointed.

    I knew they would! Rockstar are using the face scanning/animation they used for L.A. Noir.

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