LulzSec Members Behind Sony, Nintendo Hacks Of 2011 Sentenced

Four members of LulzSec, the group behind 2011's hacker attacks against Sony and Nintendo, were sentenced at a London court yesterday.

The youngest member received a suspended jail term of two years, while the other three were sentenced to prison time ranging from 30 months to two years. [via]


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are only 12 months in a year, that means 2 years is 24 months. . .

    I'm not sure if you intended your last sentence to have their prison time ranging from shortest to longest, but if you did, you should probably know that 24 is a smaller number than 30. . .

      Climbing back through the sources, the youngest member got a 20 month suspended sentence, the other three got 24, 30 and 32 months jail time.

        I'm used to Kotaku just re-linking other people's news without commentary or insight, but doing that and then getting the facts wrong as well is a particularly depressing low.

      big giant fail for the editor who released this

    Slightly longer than I would have sentenced them, but not a bad sentence considering their crimes. These folks were pranksters, but their pranks cost Sony millions of dollars, disrupted commercial activities and I do believe they leaked public credit card information online, which is never moral, no matter how you spin it.

    I'm not going to say that these guys horrible, awful people - they're most likely just slightly jerkish teenagers. But their damage was not insignificant, and their sentences can't be insignificant either.

      I draw the line at the fact I've recently heard of rapists who only got twelve months though... that's what shits me. The inconsistent sentencing in this country. Hackers get years but rapists only get one or two? The damage they did will be fixed invariably. The damage a rapist does? That's never fixed. Ever.

        Tried to raise that point myself once. Got shot down for it. Perhaps my wording makes me sound like a whiny b!+4. June just the words I use people don't like.

        Didn't you know? Damaging corporations is far more destructive and terrible than damaging a person.

        (Though actually, I can KIND of see some merit that rationale. After all, if a corporation employing thousands of people gets sufficiently damaged, it can result in hundreds of layoffs, which can impact even more people in the families attached to those staff, forcing them into potentially irrecoverable poverty, given the job market at the moment. The intensity of the suffering might not be as great, but the overall impact much greater by the number of lives potentially permanently affected. That said, I don't think that's what happened here. And Sony and others DID need to get their security shit together.)

        Last edited 20/05/13 9:51 am

        There have been graffiti writers who have gotten $25000 fines and 5+ years in jail for just writing their name, and people who have attacked, assaulted, raped and killed people while driving drunk that have gotten way less. It's ridiculous.

        Not to mention the CEOs who get a slap on the wrist but still get to keep their million dollar payouts for losing thousands of peoples super and savings.

    Meanwhile, mining tycoons get to plunder the planet and politicians send young men to die in illegal wars, while we the people funnel more and more cash every day to them.

    Considering the brand damage they did to these companies and the affect on stock prices I am consider this to be a fairly lenient sentence.

    These people willing and knowingly broke the law. If you break into Sony headquarters through a hole in their physical security and access their systems and take credit card information you will be punished alot more harshly than this.

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