Make This Incredibly Realistic LEGO Gun

You are looking at a replica 92FS built entirely of LEGO. Impressive, right? Well, you too can put together your own. Here's how.

This how to is from Jeff Boen's The BrickGun Book, which is a building guide for life-sized LEGO handguns, including the 1911, the BG22 with Magazine, the Desert Eagle, the MAC-11, and the 92FS.

Boen runs popular website and is well-known among LEGO builders for his incredibly accurate brick replica guns. For Boen, this is his favourite BrickGun creation, noting how it even looks like the real handgun when the slide is back.

"When I built the first BrickGun model it was just to see if I could come with something that looked vaguely like the classic 92 pistol," Boen writes on "Once I decided to add moving mechanical functions I never dreamed where it would lead. I had no idea that it would become the thing that I'll probably be most known for."

Above, you can how the 92FS, a gun that has appeared in numerous video games, compares to its brick counterpart. Here's how to build yours:

Note that the brick handgun replica does not fire projectiles — nor is it designed to do so.

LEGO or not, this subject matter might not appeal to all tastes. But, if you are interested in replica guns and like LEGO, you can find out more on the book's official site.

The BrickGun Book [Official Site]


    nice image padding, I wish I could be so artificially productive, and so evidently on topic as well!

    all jokes aside (not that I was joking) that's a pretty nice build and I respect the guy who came up with it.

    This will surely end well for all concerned... :/

      You too can make a gun so realistic you'll get shot by police for having it out in public! (Edit: Awh. Razor already said this further down.)

      Last edited 30/05/13 10:28 pm

    As a LEGO fan I can't help but appreciate the skill of the builder, but the subject doesn't impress me. I don't find anything interesting about replica guns.

    Make a nice sci-fi style blaster and then you'll have my attention.

      An M-41A pulse rifle, and he has mine. Would probably make me a customer with LEGO straight-away (again).

      Use coloured bricks instead and claim it is scifi.

        That would just make it a blue (for example) gun, rather than a sci-fi creation.

        I like custom LEGO creations to have a story behind them.

    Yes this lego looks very realistic. I like the detailing on the bricks.

    I bought something very very similar to this as a Lego kit a while ago. It was a pain in the butt to put together but it actually works, it fires little pellets

    I've seen better. Some complete with shooting mechanisms that launch small technic pegs, and eject cartridges on reload.

    brick gun does not use lego in their kits they use the cheap mega blocks made in china they will adamantly deny they use mega blocks but they do and they will cause problems in schools with their kits ,they blacklisted me from there system for absolutely no reason at all.

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