PC To Get Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Says Hideo Kojima

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is coming to PC, Hideo Kojima's podcast revealed.

Details about the port are TBA. [HideBlog via PG_jp]


    Cool. I will definitely buy it. Wish Vanquish would come to PC as well.

    I hope this is Platinum also testing the waters for a possible Vanquish and Bayonetta port also.


    I have a ps3 however i left it with my little brother back home which is 400km's away from where I am living now. Always wanted to play MGSR but could never justify buying another PS3 just so I can play

    CAN't wait! woo

    Horrible, game is horrible. In my opinion.

    Vanquish was awesome however.

    Agreed. Well kind of. Cool idea, just not implemented to best of its capabilities to fit in with the rest.

    Because they need all the sales they can get, to recover the mass of money lost on this game. lol'd.

    this is good news but if ground zeros comes to pc I will literally wash his feet with my tounge ( jokes on him id do it anyway)

    They'll just Pirate the shit out of the game, Why even bother?

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