PC To Get Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Says Hideo Kojima

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is coming to PC, Hideo Kojima’s podcast revealed.

Details about the port are TBA. [HideBlog via PG_jp]


  • I hope this is Platinum also testing the waters for a possible Vanquish and Bayonetta port also.


    I have a ps3 however i left it with my little brother back home which is 400km’s away from where I am living now. Always wanted to play MGSR but could never justify buying another PS3 just so I can play

    CAN’t wait! woo

  • Agreed. Well kind of. Cool idea, just not implemented to best of its capabilities to fit in with the rest.

  • Because they need all the sales they can get, to recover the mass of money lost on this game. lol’d.

  • this is good news but if ground zeros comes to pc I will literally wash his feet with my tounge ( jokes on him id do it anyway)

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