Microsoft Doesn’t Own, Files Dispute Against Guy Who Does

Microsoft Doesn’t Own, Files Dispute Against Guy Who Does


Though it may seem ridiculous that Microsoft would name its new console without already owning the domain name for it, there are a couple of mitigating factors here. One is that the guy who owns registered the name almost two years ago. That’s some good guessing!

Fusible reports that Microsoft has filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum over the domain name to thwart the lucky cybersquatter, whom records say is a resident of the U.K. and registered the name in December 2011. also is covered in the same complaint, indicating it is owned by the same person, Fusible notes.

Domain registrations are public (indeed, Fusible sniffs out all of them for clues on upcoming games, movies and whatnot). Worse, to have entered into a legal dispute over ownership of a domain name for which no product or service currently existed, would have tipped off everyone what Microsoft was going to call its next console. So the company probably figured it just had to suck it up and battle this thing out after they announced the device. Microsoft seems to have done well in these disputes anyway.

Microsoft files dispute over and domain names [Fusible]


  • So Microsoft believes that just because they call their console Xbox One, that they have all rights to anything that includes those names together? Instead of spending thousands on lawyers to screw over one of their customers, they should just buy the name with the money. By getting lawyers involved, they lose the customer. A little bit of good faith to any consumer at this point from Microsoft is a good thing. Their PR hasn’t been too good lately.

    Edit: Just noticed that he hasn’t got anything on the pages. Microsoft is going to rip him a new one.

    • “So Microsoft believes that just because they call their console Xbox One, that they have all rights to anything that includes those names together?”

      That’s exactly how it works. It’s called a trademark.

    • XBox One is a MS trademark. That guy is just a squatter, who is trying to get money for free, based on speculation (he is basically engaging in what the stock market calls “excessive speculation”). I have generally no sympathies for corporations getting their way, esp in the courts. But in this case MS definitely is in the right, as far as I am concerned.

    • To be honest, they should just offer him whatever they’d end up paying the vermi– er, lawyers.

  • If he is using it for something like an xbox fan site then they should be forced to pay for it – and pay dearly. If he’s just squatting on the name for the sole purpose of getting rich then he deserves to have taken off him – but he should still be able to recoup his costs in buying and holding the domain.

  • i think these are always marketing ploys, a way to get the company into the headlines. I think the guy has ties to Microsoft and Microsoft wait until after the console is announced, wait till it is derided by everyone and then launch the attack. Therefore putting the console back onto the media.

    • No, people just squat on domain names for potential future products so that the company have to buy it off them. It happens all the time. I doubt they win very often though.

  • Hah
    (I had a few more interesting points but they can all be condensed down to that)

    Actually, one thing I did want to say was, why go to all this trouble of concealing such an awful awful name then likely spending a good deal to get it back as they don’t have the grounds for claim that they did in the past as the site has existed for 2 odd years

  • The whole time since the reveal i’ve been wondering what the Xbox One will be abbreviated to. XBone doesn’t cut it for me, how about “X1”?

  • Considering “Xbox” was already trademarked, if MS wanted to dispute the domain year or so ago I don’t think it would have sent up any real red flags.

  • So people have suggested “If it’s a fan site, then MS should pay, and if he’s a squatter then let him have it”. I put it to the test. I browsed to Nothing. Godaddy hosting page. It’s a squatter. Kick him out.

  • If he actually set up a site Microsoft wouldn’t be guaranteed a result, but given he’s just squatting then it’s his loss.

    Check out for a nice example of the big company not winning.

  • Does domain registering work differently to hosting? Like couldn’t you just register a domain name in China and then not have to worry about this cease and desist stuff? It seems odd that a corporation can legally steal/acquire a domain name but can do almost nothing against piracy?

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