Minecraft Using The Oculus Rift. I Need This In My Life.

Ever since I posted our Oculus Rift hands-on video on Kotaku, I've had people discuss which games would work, which would be terrible. One common thread in this discussion is Minecraft — placing yourself, via the Oculus Rift, into an incredible Minecraft universe? Oh man. Yes. Yes please. Now, using the Minecrift mod, it has become possible to use the Oculus Rift with Minecraft. I must do this now.

The above video, put together by Vaecon really does a good job of representing what it must feel like to be tranported into Minecraft with the Oculus Rift. Having spent a fair amount of time with the device I feel as though I can sort of grasp what that must feel like.

It's difficult to describe without using dead words like 'immersive' or tedious phrases like 'inside the game', but there's something completely different and bewildering about using the Oculus Rift device, something that makes exploration somehow more valuable. For this reason I've always been intrigued by the idea of using the device for Mincraft, and this video just reinforces that feeling.

It's an amazing little video.

Via Polygon


    I need to stay as far away from this as I possibly can. I kicked the habit before. Then I had to kick it again.

    I can't go back, man. I don't think I'll make it.

      embrace it my brother. Let it be within you. Join us...

      dont listen to him Gooky! iv been clean for almost 3 months now, i went cold turkey and it was hard! having the rift and minecraft is a lethal combination... the bed sores... i cant deal with them again!

    I gave this a try this morning. I was actually inside Minecraft! :-)

    First thing that hit me was the scale. Those 1m blocks somehow seemed a lot bigger than I expected - way too large to jump onto. Then I looked up and around - trees towered over me. Hills in the far distance. A cavern (rift?) in the ground that looked scarily deep - no way was I jumping in there, despite the pool at the bottom. Got real vertigo just looking.

    Looked down - and I can see my own body (it feels weird if I can't), and I had to look at my right hand to see the current item I was holding, which was cool. I wandered around through the snowy forest biome, then got to work, punching trees. Nearly cricked my neck staring up at the higher trunk blocks while hitting them.

    Then I hit the first real snag - the UI isn't yet Rift-friendly. There is an optional HUD of sorts, but it's really hard to make out even that right now. But worse, I had to pull the headset off (and usually disable the barrel distortion) every time I wanted to craft something or rearrange my inventory, because i couldn't make out anything. This got tedious pretty quickly, so I made a few stone pickaxes and torches, and kept it at that. Decided I'd just go exploring, which is what I really wanted to do anyway - though I was still nervous about falling down that hole...

    Mad props to StellaArtois, especially as they've been doing it without even having a Rift yet! It's not yet ready for prime-time, but it's already really cool just wandering about. Next stop: a quick trip to Westeros...

      Had another go just then. Built a tower, then stood on top and took in the view, like an 8-bit Altaïr. Oceans, distant islands, desert patch, a swamp over there... all as large as life, and a lot easier to get to. Instead, I just watched the sun set over the water, and tried not to fall off. Would love to play Assassin's Creed on the Rift, but doing that leap of faith? Hmm.

      I threw myself down the hole! Freaky, but I found a huge cave system to explore, and man, it's even better than the surface. Being able to look all around, to feel the cave enclosing me, was everything I'd hoped. Until a bat flew into my face and startled the heck out of me. But then, I was startled when cows wandered by. Good thing I had it set to Peaceful.

      The quiet beauty of a Minecraft ravine, lit only by a couple of strategic torches or the soft glow of lava in the distance, was the most relaxing place I'd been in all day. Especially after the bat flew into the lava. I completely forgot about the Rift's low resolution and screen door effect - the illusion was very easy to slip into, and I felt almost completely present. Maybe it's because it's visually so simple, without the fine detail that's often hard to see in the Rift, but this is probably the most enjoyable VR experience I've ever had.

        This is the first time I've ever read someone write about how the occulus rift made them personally FEEL in a game. I know many articles have been written but there's something about your comments that just immediately sold me on it :) Thank you so much! I want MADLY to try it now!!!!

          If you're in Sydney, I'm willing to let you try it for yourself. Not sure how to PM here, but try me on Reddit or MTBS.

            I'm in Brisbane :( otherwise I'd take you up on that in a damn heartbeat :(

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