Mojang's Scrolls Enters Open Beta On June 3, Has A Snazzy Trailer

Minecraft developer Mojang's card-game-board-game hybrid is finally seeing the light of day. It certainly took long enough.

In addition to giving us an impression of what the battling, trading and collecting will look like, the trailer also gives us a launch date for the game's open beta: June 3.


    This looks pretty sweet! I can't wait to have a go.

    I'm suprised at this. I thought that Mojang would have created something more along the of a AAA title than a card game. Given all the money they made from Minecraft.

      I'm not sure if he still is, but he was funding Psychonauts

        He offered money to fund it on Twitter, then backed out afterwards.

          What a pussy

            He offered a few million. Then Tim told him it cost many times that to make the first one.

            But bad mouthing someone without facts is much more fun.

              You're right, it was fun!

              Rest easy now internet with this revelation!

              All jokes aside, including the insult, which clearly is a joke. Combine his few million with a kickstarter.

      That attitude is what got THQ into trouble. I have money, so I should make a AAA game. What minecraft proved is that you can make a large profit by making cheaper, but innovative, titles.

        Except this isn't innovative at all..

          True. But the investment is probably a couple hundred thousand.

        I thought THQ went kaput because they spent millions on developting that U Draw tablet that no one bought.

        Does anyone know someone that bought one?

          They had a modest success with the udraw on the wii and then bet their company on it being a massive success on the 360. However, they also lost a lit of money on derivative AAA titles.

      Just because someone can afford to make a "AAA" title doesn't necessarily mean they want to. He's got enough money to work on whatever he feels passionate about. If I had that much money I wouldn't do a massive AAA game either. It would require too many people and require too much overseeing of people rather than making the game.

      Also, making a AAA game means that you are planning to invest massive amounts into the advertising and marketing of the product just to make your money back. I see Mojang as wanting to leverage their fan base rather than find publishers and go that horrible route.

      I'm also sure he's aware that just because one game was a hit doesn't mean the next one will be so he can't sink all his money into a single title.

      Game looks interesting.

    the music is terrible, other than that.. looks like he could have thrown more money at it.

    Heroes of Might & Magic combined with Magic The Gathering?

    Looks like it could be alright though.

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