More Video Games With References To The Wire, Please

I'm tired of Aliens and Star Wars references in video games. But references to HBO's great drama The Wire? I'll take more. Above, a scene from the interesting upcoming game Watch Dogs, which enables you to hack into — and see through — security cameras in a modern Chicago.

Below, the presumed inspiration:

When I asked the game's senior producer if that's where it came from, he smiled.


    Very cool :D I remember that exact bit from The Wire :D

    That's oblique as hell. Kids chucking rocks at the camera is often the last piece of CCTV footage prior to break-ins and robberies. That and a guy sneaking up underneath to spray paint the lens.

    Yes, it resembles The Wire but every inner city neighbourhood in North America with a drug problem superficially resembles Baltimore. It's not like they're talking about 'Omar' or the 'Barksdale gang.'

      Or the actual intro itself which contains this very scene:

      Not oblique at all. The Wire was a brilliant show with very memorable parts. Also, when the actual developer of the game gives a less than subtle hint to the interviewer himself that he's guessed where the inspiration came from? It's a little daft to say 'its oblique'.

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        I don't need to be reminded which scene it's from but this imagery is not exclusive to The Wire and nor is it one of the more memorable scenes from that show. It's the very definition of oblique because it's indirect and evasive. They didn't officially acknowledge it and it's rather subtle that even fans of the TV series like myself aren't entirely convinced it was a direct influence until they mentioned it. Anyone else and it would fly right over their heads.

        You want a non-oblique, direct reference? Some guy saying "You come at the king, you best not miss" or "We used to build sh*t in this country." Capiche?

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    There is no such thing as "tired of Aliens and Star Wars references in video games".

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