MSNBC Host Calls Men In Their Twenties Weak, Unmarriable Gamers

In the middle of a dated metaphor about cavemen killing dinosaurs to make ends meet Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, called men in their twenties weak, unmarriable gamers. Speaking on the topic of shifting gender roles and female breadwinners, Joe stated: “Men in their twenties, who unfortunately I think are weak, and stay at home, and play video games and are weak, weak, weak and unmarriable!”

“They’re just… there are no good men out there! Other than my son and his friends.”

Look, I’m not expecting miracles from cable TV pundits, particularly not Joe. But putting aside the generational differences for a second (You say my generation is ‘weak’, I say we’re ‘terminally unemployed and totally screwed’), we need to get beyond this idea of gaming as a weak or passive form of media. It’s not that what he’s saying is surprising, it’s the carelessness with which that stereotype is used on a day-to-day basis by media across the board.

But of course, I’m sure Joe’s sons are totally the exception.


  • I personally am shocked that someone on tv would suggest that a group of people who are not in their target demographic are inferior… shocked.

  • HAHAHA. I have to laugh cause right now I’m at home while the wife is at work and I’m just about to play video games. Except I’m in my 30s. Anyway, I gotta get some gaming in before I pick up the kids and start dinner.

  • “The New generation are terrible! They aren’t like us, the older generation” screams every single old man since time began.

    The Romans said exactly the same thing about their kids – how they were wearing their togas “Loosely belted!” (the horror), or how they were drinking their wine without the proper amount of water, or how, to their absolute shock, they had the gall to actually DANCE! To many Romans, dancing was the surest sign that the end of Rome had come about – nothing good could come out of a generation that DANCED!

    As for shifting roles – that’s a good thing, Joe, but you’re too much of a dinosaur to see it.

    • I remember reading Nietszche and him saying that the world is too fast and todays youth don’t respect their elders like they used to. That was in 1880.

      • “The world is passing through troublous times. The young people of today think of nothing but themselves. They have no reverence for parents or old age. They are impatient of all restraint. They talk as if they knew everything, and what passes for wisdom with us is foolishness with them. As for the girls, they are forward, immodest and unladylike in speech, behavior and dress.”
        (supposedly/allegedly) Peter the Hermit, 1247 AD.

        Yep. The times they are a changin’.

    • “The New generation are terrible! They aren’t like us, the older generation” screams every single old man since time began.

      Indeed indeed. I’m 28 now and as I’ve gotten older/as I get older I’m trying to keep this in mind. It just seems like such a ridiculous shortcut to decide that “all the problems with the world today” are caused by the younger generation and how they’re not the same as the generation you belong to.

  • There is a lot more to this than just gaming. Changes in the sexual market place, changes in gender roles, women being less dependent on men for support, that kind of thing. It’s simply less favourable to date long term or to marry in the modern age.

  • Quite frankly if your not strangling lions with your bare hands in your spare time your just plain weak.

    My wife like that I play video games (when i’m not doing some my nude dangerous animal slaying) rather than footy and cricket. At least i’m in the house if I’m needed, where as those actual sport people seem to always have things they have to go to.

  • Unfortunately some people just don’t understand gaming or gamers. They have their pre-conceived opinions and biases against gaming, and no amount of anything will change their mind. Case in point; during my time of working temp through an agency, I’ve had at least two bosses at various businesses who automatically thought that I stayed up all night playing video games simply because I’m a gamer. My hobby only came up once or twice in discussion, and never did I go into any details, but they automatically thought I spent most of the night playing, which is completely false (as much as I love gaming, I love sleep more). I quickly gave up trying to explain things to either of them because they had an existing bias against gaming, and no amount of explanation would change their minds.

  • Just more sensationalist conjecture, do us favour and quit it.

    I know very well what my fathers generation did in their 20’s and it doesn’t deviate that much and surely was not productive.

  • Haha. I’m sure he would be extremely shocked to realise there are actually women out there who like video games, and would gladly marry a “weak gamer”

  • IM generally not into real world violence but I hope some twenty-something semi professional boxer who also plays video games gets invited on the show next week to further discuss said boxers total weakness.

  • When I met my girlfriend, we had an awful first meeting. Just crappy. I wrote it off as a bad (blind) date and played some Borderlands.

    I forgot that at some point in the evening we had actually hit it off on one thing: we both played a bunch of things on Steam. To my surprise, she looked up my username, added me and joined me in Borderlands. We got talking over Skype and are moving in together in a few months.

    TL:DR – Video games are rad.

  • As an unmarriable twenty-something gamer, I now have confirmation that my wife has made a huge mistake, Gob-style. Thank you MSNBC.

  • “In the middle of a dated metaphor about cavemen killing dinosaurs to make ends meet”

    Are you sure it was a metaphor? A terrifying amount of Americans think Humans and Dinosaurs inhabited the planet at the same time.

  • But all the problems of today ARE caused by our idiot youths! They didn’t get spanked as kids you see, so now they are turning 18 and going out to clubs thinking that there’s no such thing as consequences for their actions, and getting thoroughly trounced by way of discovering that actually, there are. Music videos are practically showing sex on-screen, and the music itself is terrible! We’ve killed their brains with facebook and google so that there’s no longer a need to remember or know anything, and the feebs’ encouragement of photographing… EVERYTHING and putting it in the public domain is only a further degradation of the fundamental walls of privacy which allow us to believe that our perversions aren’t actually normal and thus should be something kept hidden!


  • I’m fairly old now and the young students at the school here where i work use the caps lock key for uppercase letters usually at the beginning of a word, no idea why they don’t use shift really has got me baffled

    Instead of holding a key down for a mili second they’d reather press the caps key twice 😛

    seriously they all do it.

  • Firstly don’t get me wrong, as a kid and teenager I loved playing computer games as one of my many hobbies.
    Fully agree with Joe’s comments! Only kids play computer games. The rest of you, as you get older you will realise what he means. You need to get a life. And sitting up by yourself late at night is not a life. I work in IT…why do ppl assume I play games?? I pity the ppl I work with and all they can talk about is games, can’t hold a conversation, have no idea on woman(even though they think they do) and have absolutely no troubleshooting skills, along with a bad rep from our customers.

    • Troll harder mate. You wouldn’t be at a gaming news site if they didn’t interest you. Check and mate.

    • You’re confusing some idiots who play video games with all people who play video games.

      I’m a respectable, grown-up type with a steady job (where I’m well respected for my hard work and helpful nature), a steady relationship, I’m about to take on a mortgage for a house and I’m a gamer. I never stay up irresponsibly late on weeknights, I’m very reluctant to talk to my colleagues about my hobby because I don’t want to bore them with something they don’t understand (they still tell me about MasterChef though, argh). And when I worked in an IT Service Desk my troubleshooting skills were nothing short of remarkable and I was loved by many of our customers because I was the nicest, cheeriest and most compassionate of the lot.

      So you can take your silly prejudices, mister, and rethink them.

  • Pffff I first met the woman I married on a videogame forum. She admires my game skills, my ability to build a gaming system from scratch, and opts to hang out and watch while I do the complicated bits. What a tool.

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