Nerd King Stabs Link And Steals Zelda Away

So, here's Nathan Fillion stabbing Link and stealing Zelda away. Because he is Nerd King.

(via Reddit)

And here it is in its full glory:


    I clicked on the article, ready to see something underwhelming. I'm glad to say I was pleasantly surprised. Nathan Fillion makes everything better.

    All Hail Nerd King!

    cc @thecracks

    If I was gay I would be all over Nathan Fillion. Dude is a legend.

      That first sentence is just way wrong... Or at least it would be if it wasn't about Nathan Fillion

        you're right, it is wrong.

        you don't need to be gay, even straight guys are all over Nathan Fillion.

          Yeah who am I kidding, I would be all over him regardless.

    If Nintendo made Nathon Fillon the villain in the next Zelda game, I would gladly let him win.

      if Nathan Fillion was a villain, the game would probably be impossible

    That Zelda has a beautiful smile :)

    She does not look at all unhappy being in his arms

      I'd be pretty happy to be caught up by a bad ass Nathan "I just slaughtered Link" Fillion...and I'm a guy.

    how do you one up articles? :)

    Such is the power of the Fillion that even Link is flirting with him.
    I see you licking your lips!

    Is it just me or does Zelda look a LOT like Kaylee from Firefly here?

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