New 3DS Colour Option Is Very Metal

Nintendo Japan just unveiled a new colour of 3DS. It's not red. It's metallic red.

It'll be released in Japan on June 13.


    Speaking of 3DS, are we, the best people on the planet (Australians) getting the Animal Crossing 3DS here or not? I want that poptart.

      It was confirmed for Europe, so I think we might get it here (launches the same day as the game), but I'm not entirely sure.

      Yeah we are, it's on sale June 15 according to EB Games Australia's website.

    Wasn't the red we already had metallic?

    Aren't the 3DSes ALL metallic?

      the clear plastic on the top seems to be missing

      Yeah, I have a metallic red 3DS, this looks more pink and plasticky imo.

    Great article!

    More like this one please. You've changed my opinion on life forever.

    Probably have to get this, along with Animal Crossing and the new Pokemon :) 3DS is looking somewhat more exciting to a degree... But is it worth it >__>

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