Watch The New Destiny Trailer Directed By Jon Favreau

How do you ensure maximum interest in your new sci-fi video game extravaganza? Hiring the director of Iron Man 1 and 2 to direct your trailer seems to be a pretty good start. The live-action trailer for Bungie’s Destiny also features Revolution and Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito. There’s also a huge CGI space marine monstrosity with a gatling gun, if you care about that sort of thing.

No gameplay footage yet, but I guess we’ll get to see that at E3.


  • Really hoping this game is good, Oni (though flawed) the and Halo 1 were great. I hope it was getting bogged down in sequels that wasted Bungie’s talents, not a degrading of the studio’s talent.

  • Kick ass, Giancarlo Esposito is awesome, especially as Major Nevel in Revolution

  • oh my… That music… The music alone is going to make Destiny for me… I couldn’t give a shit about the gameplay as long as the capture the essence of the music that Halo 4 was severly lacking.

  • Blah, blah, hype hype, IS IT COMING TO PC? Controlling a shooter with a gamepad sucks dogs bollocks compared to keyboard & mouse.

    • I’m the opposite, keyboard and mouse just feels weird to me. It’s probably just a matter of me getting used to it,

      • Maybe. It’s definitely more precise. It’s the reason Microsoft have had the tech to allow cross-platform play for ages but never implemented it. There’s been a few articles on it… but for an experiment they took some really pro console gamers and some complete novice PC newbs and pitted them against each other. The pros were utterly and uniformly devastated by the newbs, every time. It was brutally unfair and one-sided.

        So now any game which says ‘cross-platform’ sure as hell isn’t going to be a shooter or include PC (or at least, PC with KB/M). More accurate would be ‘multi-platform’, meaning simultanteously released on many platforms, but none of them get to play with each other – kind of like Defiance is right now. You can play it on PSN, XBL, or PC, but you can’t play with folks from the other platforms. (Though in that particular case I believe that’s for corporate reasons.)

  • is it coming to current consoles or is it next gen?

    eather way I doubt its coming to PC….*SIGH*…well if you dont want me to buy your game then fine…

    • I’m pretty sure it’s both current and next-gen, don’t think they’re doing a PC version though.

      I’ll be getting it on PS4.

      • so if I want to play I’ll have to play the gimped version (I have a PS3)….so would that mean no cross platform play between ps4 and ps3? since online is a major feature (unfortunatly)

        I know they arent obligated to put it on PC and I know choosing any of the 3 main platforms you miss out on games….it would just be nice to be able to play it, I’m a sucker for sci fi

  • I missed the music of Marty O’Donnell. We’ve another masterpiece incoming.

  • Early signs point to SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! But it looks as though at this point I will not be buying either next gen console for quite a while. The PS4 is looking good after people get over the hype and the prices start coming down.

    Something to keep a close eye on for sure.

  • For a trailer heavily referencing wolfs and pack hunting, there was alot of standing and shooting.

    It’s not a bad trailer, but it is flawed,

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