New GTA V Screenshots Showcase Chases, Car Theft, Deep Sea Adventures

Rockstar has released five new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V, and they're looking as gorgeous as ever. You can take a look at them below, and don't forget to click 'expand' to bask in their full glory.


    Is this what we can really expect the final GTA V graphics to be like? Sure they look awesome but i don't expect then final game to look this sharp.

    Take Gran Turismo 5 for instance when it comes to showing off screenshots, all screenshots Polyphony released were high res beautiful set shots but the actual game was vastly different.

    You have to set up screenshots that at least somewhat representative to what the final game will look like.

    Either way i am still 100% hyped for this game and am still patiently waiting for a collectors edition to be announced.

      I remember reading somebody's hands-on impression saying that the actual game looks decidedly more 'current-gen' than those screenshots do. Those are definitely in-engine shots, but I expect they're running on higher-end PC hardware. So when it's out on PC, I'm sure it will look that good, but I doubt the 360/ps3 can pump out those graphics at a reasonable framerate.

        Hopefully that means the port will be better than last time

      Yeah classic bait and switch, or maybe the game will run at 20 fps.

    In the first screenshot, the car chase, that road is blurry as hell, the side railings look blurry, the wooden fence looks blurry. Hopefully in the final game the textures are a lot better than these.

    I don't mean to be that guy, but I'd hardly call these screenshots impressive by any stretch of the imagination. Disappoints me a little that they didn't hold of until the next generation. Imagine the spectacle that would've been. Chances are we won't see another GTA for 5 or so years. I sincerely hope they release on PC sooner than later.

      They are creating an open world game for consoles that are 6-7 years old, what else do you expect?
      Waaaaay too long between a new consoles all round

    Sigh. I swear some people live just to complain and hate the world. Why do you bother existing if all you're going to complain? I see the same people, time after time whining and complaining about anything and everything every single day on this site.

    Is your life bad? Is it a personality thing? Just cut it out, nobody wants to hear your stupid anally retentive opinions on the technical details. Go back to overclocking your graphics cards and drooling over whatever the newest tech demo is, k?

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