New Wolfenstein Screens Show That Life Is Hell When Nazis Run Things

This batch of screens and artwork is the first real sight we’re getting of the newly reimagined world of the Wolfenstein franchise. So what’s going in them? Oh, just a sassy septuagenarian officer, Nazi robot dogs and hints that the Third Reich wants to conquer space.

You also get a good look at B.J. Blazkowicz’s new design, as well as glimpses of the environments and enemies that you’ll be facing in Wolfenstein: The New Order. Take note of the “Mars!” signs that show up in the backgrounds and what seems to be some sort of Nazi moonbase. Looks like B.J. could be getting on a rocket. We’ll find out when the new Wolfenstein game comes out later this year.


    Wow, he looks more like B.J. ... Generickowicz.


      wasn't that what he was in the first place?

        Yeah, probably. But I never miss the chance for a good (re. so bad that it's gone past being good again, and is back to just being bad) play on words. But I mean, they probably could have done something more with him, right? He is like, the posterboy for this generation. Which makes sense, really. But yeah.

      Where's his short orangey-brown hair?

        the one below the girl with the headset/radio...I assume thats how protagonist...look at that croped original

        wasnt there a seaqel/remake of the wolfenstein games a few years ago and didnt the guy at least have a full head of black hair?

    *sigh* Again with the Nazis.

      They are the quintessential video game villian. You can mow down hordes of them without guilt or pitty, despite the rank and file German soldier not being a member of the Nazi party, or being involved in the holocaust, and most having families back home waiting for them while you riddle them with bullet holes.

      But hey! Guilt free slaughter.

      Also this is Wolfenstein, without Nazis the whole thing falls apart.

        Oh I wasn't complaining, I was more echoing a quote from Star Trek XII: So Very Tired

    It's got a real "Iron-Sky fused with Captain America" feel to it. Not that that's a bad thing, but like all games now, I sure as hell won't be pre-ordering it.

      Just what I was thinking too :) Iron Sky for sure. No need to pre-order any games these days, no real incentive. Here, have an in game pet :) Also a few bugs for Day 1.

    Ugh, more black, brown, grey.
    Seriously id, you really need to embrace some more colours in your palette, because this just looks like Rage/Doom 3/Wolfenstein,etc
    I'm not suggesting adding flamenco dancers but a gamer could start developing depression just from playing through your repetitive and dreary tileset..

    There's an interesting movie called Fatherland (I think) that's about a world where the Nazi's won. I've only seen a little bit of it though so I can't really comment on the details, but it would be interesting to see the different interpretations of what people think would have happened.

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