Nintendo To Announce The Wii U's Winter Line-Up Tonight On Nintendo Direct

Who knows what we're going to get. Hype train anyone?

Nintendo has just announced that it is set to reveal more info on the Wii U's line-up for Autumn and Winter in Australia. That's it — no hints. We have no idea precisely what is going to be shown. Australian can tune into the presentation just on the stroke of midnight tonight Sydney time! How dramatic!

That translates to 10pm for folks in Perth and 11.30pm for Adelaide.

You can watch it here.

Nintendo tends to do multiple different streams for folks in Japan, US and Europe. The Australian stream will most likely be the European stream. For the crazy among you who want to watch all three simultaneously, Vooks has a comprephensive guide to where you can watch the different Nintendo Direct streams here.

Nintendo Direct has been a great source of info for new games. Here's hoping Nintendo drop some bombs!



    I'm hanging for a new Zelda. And MarioKart.

      The new Zelda is a long way off that is why they have announced Wind Waker HD. Mario Kart has already been announced as playable at E3 - release dates would be good though.

        I was at the local EB the other day and checked out the Wii U section. There are just NO titles in there. Maybe 10 games? Maybe???

        I'm cool with the re-release of Wind Walker, I haven't owned a nint system since the SNES so I missed it. I just need some games to come out. Release dates, something. Damn if it isn't a completely opaque company to follow.

          It is pretty bleak @ the moment. Hopefully some Mario Kart vision tonight. I played wind-waker. Amazing game. I missed skyward sword on wii - so am playing that on wii-u to tide me over till new zelda.

          If you haven't owned a Nintendo system since the SNES than a Wii-U is probably a bargain, mainly because you can play a lot of the gems that were on the Wii, and pick up the usual first party games that'll come out later down the track.

            That's what I'm hoping, but I'm also keen to relive my SNES days.

            But damnit if they don't release much info for what they're planning.

            Do you suggest any wii games to play whilst I'm waiting?

      Me too. A new [decent] Zelda game would probably be a game changer for me.

    Wii U lineup from 11:30pm Adelaide? I'll probably watch that. Should leave plenty of time for me to get onto my regular Friday night Battlefield 3 session by 11:35pm.

    Hopefully more information on Wind Waker will be mentioned, looking forward to it.

    Wouldn't get your hopes up. This is only the autumn/winter line up, and all the heavy hitters will take us into next year. I'm expecting games like Pikmin 3, the wonderful 101, that Wario game. Would be shocked to see any big games being newly revealed for release in the near future. If they had any, Nintendo would have talked about them before now to make the Wii U sound like a better investment. All this doesn't matter though, considering Super Metroid is available now for 30c.

    F-zero??? Release dates for wind-waker + super smash + mario kart + mario 3D? How about some metroid love - they released super metroid on VC today. Anything would do.

    Wonderful 101, Zelda WindWaker HD, Earthbound on VC, basically anything that isn't the usual Zelda and Mario. Make it happen. Nintendo will need to utilize all their franchises now that EA have cut support.

    Yeah still waiting for Pikmin 3 for fuck sake.

    What I'd like: Announcements on all the big new titles for WiiU that we haven't heard of yet

    What I'll probably get: Announcements on NES and SNES VC games coming soon

    I know the 3ds version isnt out yet, But Animal crossing Wii u

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