Nintendo Will Have A Large Booth At E3

Previously, Nintendo said it was not holding a big E3 press conference. It also said it was bringing E3 to... Best Buy retailers across the US. But that doesn't mean Nintendo will have a rinky-dink E3 booth. No sir-ee!

In fact, Nintendo is wheeling out two booths for E3. And they look pretty darn big! Compare to Sony's booth (above), which also looks rather large. You can see more booths below:

So, perhaps, the big booth will ease the lack of a big press conference. That, or there's always Best Buy.

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E3 Gaming Expo [Official Site via はちま起稿]

Picture: Kevork Djansezian/Getty


    For some reason, the headline of this article made me imagine Satoru Iwata playing Game Dev Tycoon and when the 'Attend a game convention' window pops up, he mulls over it for a bit and then clicks 'Large booth'.

      Should have hired people in animal costumes to promote the Wii U. It might have done better.

    Im getting the PS4 and all cause I love PS, but I dont want my WiiU going to waste, so Im god damn happy that Nintendo are gonna have a large presence at E3, I expect many games to be shown off that will give Nintendo fans a reason to buy the WiiU.

    I bought it cause my mum wanted it and the WiiU has the potential to be able to make innovative and fun games.

    If Playstation tries on the same anti-consumer measures as Xbox Done then that will deal WiiU back into the game

    Large booth... sounds like nintendo are compensating for their small selection of games.

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