Nintendo's President Is A One-Man GIF Generator

I always get excited for Nintendo Direct — not just because of the possible announcements, but because Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata always makes some adorable or funny thing that's totally unexpected from a company president. Even if it's a video game company.

Here's a look back at some of these memorable appearances, which show Iwata has a good eye for games, memes and GIFs. Now that E3 is around the corner, we can only wonder what funny moments are in store for the June 11 Nintendo Direct.

It might take the GIFs a few seconds to load. The giggles will soon follow.

Iwata's Brain Training

With Game Center CX's Arino

Iwata and his hair

Year of Luigi interrupted

Iwata's J-pop group

Iwata and a banana

With Sega boss Toshihiro Nagoshi

Iwata and a few Luigis

Iwata & the Tomodachi Collection

Pictures: hitmeupman, herronintendo3ds, Radio Sega


    Now only if Ballmer or Hirai could do this...

    Iwata and Reggie have to be the most likable execs in the industry besides Gaben.

    I love that the head of a major Japanese corporation is a bit of a silly guy. It really shows that Nintendo is as whimsical as it shows people.

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