Not Going To E3? Square Enix Has Got You Covered

We don't know what Square Enix is showing at E3 this year, but you'll be able to get the same view as Kotaku: the Final Fantasy makers are planning to run a livestream from their booth.

Crushing disappointment: now in real time.

Or, hey, maybe we'll all be pleasantly surprised! Maybe we'll see Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest XI and Kingdom Hearts III and all sorts of amazing new JRPGs that everyone wants. Fingers crossed.


    It's funny because Square Enix stopped making games. 10/10 article title lawl.

    If whatever they show turns out to be more boring than what Microsoft showed, I'll owe someone a beverage.

    Surely they have to show Versus 13.... Surely.

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    you know, this could be it, this could be the time all Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for, Kingdom Hearts 3, but i doubt it, maybe at TGS this year or next year or in 2020

    Well SE has always had crazy strict closed theatre practices in the past (I think its usually at TGS though) so this change of attitude is good to hear and hopefully it carries forward. I've always resented the concept of closed theatres for game promotion. It's basically flat out trolling the vast majority of your fans.

    One thing good and one thing bad about this video, the good is they are playing swing de chocobo which could mean potential FF game at E3 and the bad thing is Chocobo's cant fly. How does Squeenix fuck this up?!

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