Notch's Golden PS1 Is Really, Really Pretty

The Minecraft creator recently tweeted this picture, adding that the console — a gold-coloured original PlayStation — was part of a "VIP invitation to an E3 event from Sony". So shiny. [TwitterThanks NeoGAF!]


    That's not an original PlayStation, it's a PSone!

    NRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Wrong it is a Playstation One, not to be confused with the Playstation which was quite larger.

    I don't get it, why is microsoft making the successor to this console? I thought Sony and Microsoft were in direct competition!

    Still have my launch PS1and ps2, they both stil work like a champ. Unlike the 3 xbox 360's and 2 ps3's ive had...

      Thats because the PS3 has blueray which means that it has much heavier data, this crushes the lasers in the PS3.

      My launch PS1 and its replacement both burnt out lasers (the second one even had a replacement laser done in it) but the replacement unit for the replacement unit still works (but has hardly been used). I never had a problem with a PS2 or an Xbox and the 3 x Xbox 360's have all worked without a hitch.

    I wonder if that means that Notch's games will be on PSN at some stage...

    $5 on spray paint and mine could look like that.

    As already pointed out, that's not an original PS1. I expect someone writing articles (if that's what you could call this) on a gaming website to know the difference. -_-

      I hate to say it but if the site has Plunkett as a contributor then you can guarantee the the same standards from his colleagues.

    Maybe its an inside joke (Sony) PSone (Microsoft) XboxOne

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