Now This Is How I Imagine Samus Looking

It always baffles me when people go out of their way to make Metroid's Samus look "beautiful". As if that matters. There's a reason her gender was kept secret for the first game, and that's because the point was she was a badass, not that she was a she.

So I love this pic by poojipoo, which gives her a hard edge that's been lacking from recent entries on the series. I mean, you've seen the things she's seen, and done the things she's done, you're going to look a little "harder" than a Barbie doll in a blue jumpsuit.

Samus Portrait [DeviantArt, via Gamefreaks]


    Either this is a repost or I'm doing a Denzel Washington.

    Mark posted this a while ago Luke, with pretty much the same title and everything.. Not good enough.

      It was 3 months ago and with the number of articles posted each day it's easy to miss one

        If you type "samus" into kotaku's own search engine the original article comes up on the first page of results. Why defend a journalist for being lazy and re-posting stuff from his own site? I honestly don't care if re-posts are from Reddit, cause I don't read Reddit, but a re-post of a post from the same site is just lazy and pointless.

        And if your argument is going to be along the lines of, "but I missed it the first time so I appreciate it and that makes it OK." It doesn't make it any less lazy. Why doesn't Luke re-post stuff from E3 2011? I missed most of that years media coverage so that must excuse it.

        And the other argument about Luke being from Kotaku US so this is an automatic article from there, since the Aust Kotaku site can grab US articles and post them here automatically, why doesn't mark's articles show up automatically on the US site too, (3 months ago)? That'd stop the need for this kind of double posting too.

        And yes, I have too much free time at work today.... ;)

        Yeah, we can't expect journalists who write in a specific field to know all the content that their publication delivers.

        That's a copout. This blog has half a dozen active writers. Even a casual reader would recognise this (the very least I'd expect from the editors) and a tag-search would have confirmed it.

        This place has basically turned into a Reddit/Tumblr filter but that's fine since it saves me combing Reddit for neat stuff, it means that most of the work has already been done. There's no excuse for the sheer laziness we see here. It's obvious the writers have zero correspondence so every now and then, two people would push out separately-written but identical posts. Hey, how about a Google doc so you can actually plan who writes what? Or maybe a proof-reader to cut down on 90% of the obvious grammatical and spelling errors? No, it's just brain fart after brain fart and Plunkett is the worst offender.

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    brienne of aran

      Oh emm gee yes! There's definitely potential for a short Metroid web-series here...

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