Now, This Is One Stunning Retro Japanese Console

The Twin Famicom is an interesting game console. Produced by Sharp, it was Nintendo's Famicom console and Disk System melded into a single console. While it looked nice enough, there is a way to make it look better: lots and lots of gloss.

Via Tiny Cartridge, this is the work of Slovenian artist Zoki64, who is famous for painting video game hardware and making it look truly slick. Previously, Kotaku featured Zoki64's work. It was lovely then, and it's lovely now.

Zoki64 [DeviantArt via Tiny Cartridge]


    that in another color like red or blue would be sweet

    they should make consoles like this instead of the xbone

    That has got to be the single most hideous piece of hardware I have ever seen.

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