Now We Can All Be Kitty Girls And Boys In The Old Republic

In case you just hopped on the MMO bandwagon with the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, it's not a massively multiplayer party until the anthropomorphic animals arrive. The original EverQuest had the Vah Shir, World of Warcraft has Worgen and now Pandas, and The Old Republic has the Cathar, a race of intergalactic kitty people.

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly where the Cathar first appeared in Star Wars history, mainly because every time I try to search for them, Google is busy looking for "catharsis." The most famous gaming Cathar is Juhani from Knights of the Old Republic, a Jedi member of a Cathar sub-species that doesn't look quite as furry as the ones we'll be playing now.

The Cathar are fierce warriors and incredibly loyal, so if you're going to roleplay them having sex, don't be slutty.

The Cathar are available as a player character race with today's game update 2.1 for The Old Republic, which also adds all sorts of dyes and new customisation options. Hooray!


    ...World of Warcraft has Worgen and now Pandas...Apparently giant cows walking on two legs don't rate as anthropomorphic animals.

    FFXI has been using cat-girls since 2002 :P

    Still no playable Wookies :(

    "...if you're going to roleplay them having sex..." Tsk. Who would do that? No TRUE roleplayer, that's for sure.

    Seriously though, while I think we all know that catgirls are the very br-- best in characters that MMOs have to offer, a TRUE catgirl is really just a regular girl with cat-ears and tail, maybe whiskers if pushed.

    Devotees of a more pure catgirl will be better served by the upcoming FFXIV this year.

    I remember when I played TOR, the forums were filled with furries demanding this race because it's a deeply ingrained part of the universe, or some other complete rubbish... this'll shut them up and put a few more dollars in the pockets of the developers, I guess.

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