Obscure And Awesome Japanese Video Games Now In Motion

It's relatively easier to find hidden video game gems than it was back in the pre-internet days. Now, there are fantastic sites, such as Obscure Video Games, dedicated to weird old games that most people have forgotten about. It's still amazing how many cool, undiscovered games are out there.

Obscure Video Games not only features old, forgotten games, but presents them in animated GIFs, which makes all the rediscovered scenes look even better.

We've selected below some of the best and funniest ones, focusing mostly on the 90s.

Obscure Video Games [Tumblr]

Boogie Wings (1992 - Arcade - Data East)

Lucky & Wild (1992 - Arcade - Namco)

Daea Tonosama Appare Ichiban (1995 - Super Famicom - Sunsot)

Trio the Punch (1990 - Arcade - Data East)

Mindnight Wanderers (1991 - Arcade - Capcom)

Bravoman (1990 - TG16 - Namco)

Ninja Spirit (1988 - Arcade - Irem)

Dj Boy (1990 - Sega Genesis - Kaneko/Sammy)

Go Go Ackman 3 (1995 - Super Famicom - Banpresto)

Super Back to the Future II (1993 - Super Famicom - Data East)

The Fist Funky Fighter (1993 - Arcade - Taito)

Pistol Daimyo no Boken (1990 - Arcade - Namco)

Waxworks (1992 - Amiga - Horrorsoft)

Match Breakers (1995 - Arcade - Namco)

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    I loved Midnight Wanderers in the arcades. It was always part of the NeoGeo mutli-game cabinets. Very fun platform shooter from memory.

    Oh man, Lucky & Wild brings back memories...

    I remember Dj boy and Ninja Spirit from the arcades back in the day, they were both awesome.

    Yes to all three of the above!

    I used to love the disclaimer screens: It is illegal to be playing this game outside the country of Japan...

    or "Winners Don't Used Drugs" - William S. Sessions, Director of the FBI

    The dude's name was SESSIONS!... SESSIONS!!!

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