Of Course This Neon Cyberpunk Hacking Game Is Called Wetware

Welcome to Wetware. It's an upcoming 1980s-tinged cyberpunk strategy game from Reality Council that puts you in charge of a "megacorporate network" and tasks you with, well, taking over the internet.

From the description on the Reality Council website:

Hire elite hackers to attack other networks, steal information, crash their nodes and protect your assets. Get involved in corporate espionage, corrupt officials and prying journalists. Carve out a networked empire, neutralize your competition and dominate the Net.

Dominate the net, baby! There's a LeBron James joke in there but I'm not quite pulling it all together.

Wetware be out this summer on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The soundtrack will be out of my head in approximately one day.

[via Rock, Paper Shotgun]


    All I ask is one very important question.

    Can you hack the gibson?

      Yeah, but you have to reroute the encryptions on the data stream first.

    It looks like a cross between Ingress & Deus Ex's hacking system.

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