Of Course You Can Already Pre-Order The Xbox One At EB Games!

And all at the totally made up price tag of $899.95!

We all knew it was coming. In fact, it was one of the first things I checked after the Xbox One press conference was finished. I honestly believed it would there immediately after it finished but it took some time. Probably a couple of hours.

So the console is there. You can totally pre-order that. You can also pre-order some of the games, including the new Forza, and the newly announced Quantum Break from Remedy. And Call of Duty: Ghosts of course. EB expects the games to retail at $118.

You can also pre-order a second controller if you're feeling fruity. They're pre-emptively priced at $99.95.

It's probably important to note that EB Games has been good enough to put 'placeholder price' in brackets for every single item. That's a good thing.


    After the lackluster announcement featuring a lot of things that will NOT be in Australian consoles... Why would anyone, outside of an Xbox loyalist, want to preorder let alone buy this thing?

      Smartglass, Kinect, even without TV integration at launch it's still far more of an ecosystem than Sony will ever manage.

      I don't see what was lacklustre? Its another gen console, it plays games, has online support etc

      Console as a whole looks great however im holding off till E3 where some more details will be out regarding the console and what region gets what regions

      If it does all the things the sony does and those other functions (sure, not available here yet if ever) how is it worse? Except the RAM of course...

    If the next generation of titles really do cost $118 they are going to really struggle to get anyone to adopt this new system, especially with MS' stance on "Pre-Owned" games

      Why? That's the RRP for most games right now in Australia.

        Not for any new title I have seen that's not a CE

    Stuff the system it self. $118 per game?! Fuck that.

      Because people usually offer low placeholder prices?

      EB tell you $118, it releases at $90, you love them.

      EB tells you $90, it releases at $100, you hate them bitch about them and make them give it to you for $90 anyway.

        Then walk next door and buy it at JB for $20 less

          Hopefully they stick with PAL/NTSC regioning for games so I can keep buying from the UK for $50 less.

      Its a place holder, under the law if they pre-order a game for $100 and it comes in at $110 they cant up the price, so they charge the max and discount later.

      No price has been formally announced and wont be till E3 so this is just a guess at best

      Is this the first new console generation since you were old enough to buy games?

      This is pretty standard practice now, particularly for EB. Plenty of games were retailing for $119 when the 360/PS3 generation first debuted.
      N64 games were up around the $130-$140 mark for a while when it first came out!

      Most games for the next gen will retail at $99-109 at JB hi-fi for the first 6 months I’d imagine.

        THIS! I bought a wrestling game for N64 and it cost me $140 at Toys-R-Us. I was like 13 btw.

          Haha! I’d bet it was WCW/NWO World Tour.

          That was a great game for the time and a precursor to some far better ones once THQ got the WWF license, I think my copy cost me about the same.

    It's just a placeholder price, people. The absolute upper limit of expected cost, just so EB doesn't accidentally underprice themselves into taking a loss on sales when the real prices are finally revealed.

    Please try not to get so upset.

    Not that i will buy the console if the preowned thing stays buy $118 for a game is bullcrap, imports all the way!

    Anyone that pre orders this shit needs their head checked. No way in hell will they sell out. Even with MS attempting to stagger supply to create an artificial sense of urgency around buying one because they will sell out etc. The PS4 will be no different...

      Thanks CynicalLogicBomb. That's a big call. I suspect it will sell very well, just like the PS4 will sell very well and there are 150 million reasons (+ then some) why that will be the case. I don't quite get this cynicism. I for one am quite excited about both consoles and I still have faith. I don't play PC games because Windows sucks big hairy donkey balls and I really can't be bothered maintaining the software on a PC these days. When I want to play games, I just want to play games. I don't want to be messing around with arbitrary polygon and texture settings. Besides, if I started playing games on a PC, I'd probably very quickly lose half my assets and my sexy time. I get that you dislike the Xbox and PS4, but posting it in pretty much every thread about the new Xbox gets pretty dry after a while.

        Your ill informed opinion about PC gaming gets real fucking dry also when it's repeated by the rest of the console fanbois in every thread as well. I own both current gen offerings from the big two and I see little benefit in upgrading based on their current track record and what's potentially on offer. I couldn't give a fuck how people spend their money. Just stating an opinion.

          Anyone that pre orders this shit needs their head checked.

          Your first statement begs to differ. I certainly don't have an ill informed opinion about PC gaming, I used to play PC games and am a software developer by trade. But due to the very fact I have a busy professional life and busy social life I don't want to be messing around with random graphics settings, driver updates, operating system security updates and having a pineapple jammed in me when I just want to game. I may be of the few, but I've migrated away from PC gaming. Have fun playing solitaire and I'll be having fun waving my hands around like a dickhead playing fruit ninja kinect.

          Last edited 22/05/13 1:27 pm

            Thank you for confirming my suspicions once again. For the second time; IT WAS JUST A FUCKING OPINION! Well I migrated back to PC early last year after years of putting up with these two vendors shit. And it has been smooth sailing. Now I don't know how good you are at your job, but your fucking view on PC gaming is well, bullshit to put it bluntly. There are a number of options/utilities now for people like you to automatically optimise your GPU from both vendors that will tweak it for you and keep your drivers updated yadda yadda. So please take your head out of your ass and come back when you have had a good look. Peace.

            Totally agree. I was all for PC back in the day. Eventually migrated to consoles for sheer convenience.

            Xbox 360 is my platform of choice. No hour plus install/updates before you actually see the start screen. Disc in tray, 10 second patch. Straight into being killed repeatedly in multiplayer.

      You seem awfully concerned about what other people do with their money.

        It's not just that, huge sales will encourage Microsoft and other companies that this kind of crap can be pulled off.

          And? If enough other people like it, who are we to stop it from happening? The gaming consumer has changed over the past 10 years, you and I aren't the typical gamer any more. It's arrogant to think we should always have the strongest influence on what happens in the industry.

    is eb retarded? price was slated for 300 - 500 buck US............. us dollar to AUD isn't 899. I may not be good a maths but this really doesn't add up. will I guess they would have to make money somewhere as they may not be able to sell or trade xbox one games hehehehehehe

    Pity for MS that EB Games has crashed and no one can actually get on there LOL

    $900 dollars for an AMD APU that will end up in $500 laptops by the end of the year? Place holder pricing be crazy.

    It sucks, how many parents are going to buy one of these for their kids without knowing all the things that actually matter we know. Microsoft are going to get their money.

    EB games are such a reputable retailer. The prices are competitive and they do great trade in deals.

    Keep up the good work EB :)

    Last edited 22/05/13 11:08 am

      The sooner they die in a fire of their own making, the better.


        I feel sorry for the smaller game stores, second hand retailers and video rental stores

          Perhaps, but if anyone is to blame it's the big players like EB and Gamestop. If they hadn't pushed it so hard and exploited it so badly, and found workarounds every single time the publishers gently tried to say 'hey, second hand trading is cool and all, but not when you use it to deliberately cut into our income to take for yourselves', it wouldn't have come to this. Second hand trading wasn't the problem, commercialising it so ruthlessly that it started negatively affecting the publishers was.

          I dont. Out-dated business models in this economy? Sounds like they should have not moved with the times. Harsh but the future of home entertainment is the Internet and streaming services. Next gen will move to a more steam centric model and move away from the content on disc model and in-store retailing. Its cheaper and there is a tonne more profit for the publishers (hardware and software) that way.

          Last edited 22/05/13 12:50 pm

            Doubt you would say the same thing as a small store owner, its not an easy, cheap or fast process to "move with the times" not every retail store can change into a different business, especially in country towns.. If you dont want to support small businesss thats your choce but i would rather support someone i know in person that a large faceless corp, a lot of my friends own small business and this shit fucks them over when the monopoly man decides to run them down with a car

              As a person that has worked for both small and big business I understand how it can hurt small business... But then there are services like ozgameshop.com and triggahappi that I would consider to be small business and have adapted to the modern market. Small business in the country (rural) is kind of stuffed anyway without a market for products. Im not saying to abandon what they are doing with their store, but its the responsibility of store owners to move with the market. Each industry has its own constantly changing viability (the Australian Car manufacturing Industry for instance) and it has to be a consideration when starting or running a small business in the modern world.

              That's kind of the point of a business, isnt it? To maintain viability and profitability in an ever-changing market?

      Actually yeah they are. My mate who recently got a job with them was telling me how they've known for months in advance pricing on a lot of shit, hell they even know more about a GTA V PC release than what Rockstar has made mention.

      "EB games are such a reputable retailer. The prices are competitive and they do great trade in deals."

      Said no-one. Ever.

        I'm guessing your sarcasm detector is a little off today.

        Or maybe mine is.

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    $899, really. Yes this is probably not the true price but it will be around $500-600, when everyone bitched at $350 for the Wii U.

      I think that's more because Nintendo is somewhat expected to fill the low-end of the market these days. $500 seems pretty reasonable for what you get inside.

    I'm hoping that the pricing will be announced at E3.
    If this includes the rumoured subsidised model which requires 2 years of xbox live I'll be picking one of these bad boys up at launch.

    People preorder console... Lets say 10,000, just for arguments sake. Plus a game or two and an extra controller - $1250ish... $12,500,000 sitting in EB's bank accounts earning interest for the next 6 months, console and games total comes in a couple of hundred dollars less, EB coughs up the $200 refunds and still makes a small profit just from offering the presale and nothing more, plus their markup profit.

    Good on them.

    The price as mentioned is just placeholder. Whatever MS and EB end up charging there are people out there who just want to know they can grab the latest and greatest the second it is released. They want convenience and some still even value face to face interaction with a retailer. Somewhere to go if the lump of plastic doesn't work

    I don't particularly care for all the features the new box offers but I remember spending about $1100.00 on a 40GB PS3 all those years ago (I know - silly me right?). Partly because I wanted it then and there but also because I was limited for choice.

    My point is, not everyone needs to hate on EB for offering the next best thing before anything is concrete price wise. People want that shit. So what kind of business wouldn't offer some sort of pre-sell guarantee for something which is likely to be in high demand. Have a look at the people that are lining up for games throughout the night just to be among the first to play.

    I can also assure you that a lot of people will be using existing hardware and software to trade towards the new console(s). Even if this is over time until release, I'm sure a decent percentage of purchases have trade contributions as part of the overall purchase. Trade value is arguable at best. Think about what you'd get from any other person in the street for your stack of pre-owned games, then If they offer you a slightly better deal, sell it to them... But not everyone is going to value your collection as much as you do.

    You poor bastards! I'm buying both... game on.

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